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The first act of the musical “Hamilton” arrives on Animal Crossing


The first act of the musical “Hamilton” arrives on Animal Crossing

Imagine for a second of putting it together Hamiltonone of the most famous musicals in the world, and Animal Crossing, the trendiest video game of the moment. The result could be truly incredible. And it actually was. Last December, in fact, the creator Guitar_Knight14 shared on YouTube a video of about an hour and a quarter, in which the characters of Animal Crossing try their hand at the acting of the first act of the musical. We leave you the video here, so that you can judge for yourself how amazing this project is.

Hamilton, the musical arrives on Animal Crossing

Although it may seem unusual, the representation of the first act of Hamilton’s musical in Animal Crossing is truly flawless. Although the characters cannot move their mouths, not only do they perfectly manage to interpret every single song in the best possible way, but they also convey to the public. the pathos expected from a performance. The camera follows every movement and shows every detail of the stage – and not – in an absolutely perfect way, making Guitar_Knight14’s project more an animated film than a theatrical performance. And let’s not forget, in any case, that we are inside a video game.

The realization was so perfect, and it was so successful, that it convinced the creator to bring it to the stage also the second act. As far as we know, the works have recently begun, but it must be considered that it took a full 7 months to wrap up the first act of the musical, which means maybe we could see something new towards the end of the year. Either way, if you’re really interested in seeing Hamilton in Animal Crossing, you can support Guitar_Knight14 on Patreon. Two dollars a month, it seems, might be enough to speed up production jobs. Or, if you prefer, you can sit on your sofa and watch the performance of the first act in loop. To you the choice.