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The Falconeer arrives on Switch: here is our preview

The Falconeer arrives on Switch: here is our preview

The Falconeer: Warrior Edition lands on Nintendo Switch on August 5tha transposition of the title developed by a single person, Tomas Sal, and already available on PC, PlayStation and Xbox. We at Tech Princess have had the opportunity to play this new incarnation of The Falconeer in Switch preview and, in view of the official launch, we want to give you a taste of what awaits you in the skies of Great Urseei.

The Falconeer Warrior Edition on Switch: our preview

The Falconeer bases its playful structure on a fully explorable Open World aboard our flying steed. Throughout the story we will be required to complete a series of missions that will unlock new areas and new enemies to defeat, in a rather long-lived campaign, for an independent video game. The Switch version in this sense is further expanded, given that includes all DLCsa new playable class, new creatures to ride, three additional missions and a new boss.

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The activities we will face once the game is started are mainly two: the missions that carry on the narrative plot and the secondary ones, useful for getting extra money and some upgrades. Both types will see us traveling far and wide aboard our faithful travel companion, which is one of the main elements of The Falconeer.

Given that we are faced with what is, in effect, an open world video game, exploration plays a central role in the game experience and, in this regard, we advise you to take your time to discover all the secrets of the map without selecting a specific mission, since these will be evaluated and will give us a reward based on how widespread we have been in our movements. The world of Urseei is large, fascinating and varied and will not fail to capture your attention.

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As for the gameplay, while we fly we will be able to perform a wide range of actions, from shots to evasive maneuvers, while the battles are similar to those of a three-dimensional shooter, without departing too much from their genre of reference. To perform the aerial actions we will have to rely on a barwhich is consumed flying upwards and fills up when we swoop down, which makes it necessary to plan our movements, especially during clashes.

Performance on Switch

One of the changes that immediately jump to the eye of the Switch version of The Falconeer is the implementation of theHD Rumble, which makes the gameplay effects really enjoyable, especially lightning. For the rest on a technical level, the game does not present particular differences, we limit ourselves to pointing out that the Joycons of the console could be slightly uncomfortable during navigation, given their small size.

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As we said at the beginning, the Warrior Edition will come complete with all the DLCs released so far, so we will be able to face the Kraken and face the mission of The Hunter and the Madness of Atun, but it doesn’t stop there. Expansion will also be included in this release On the edge of the worldwhich promises to further expand the title’s already rich lore.

However, there is one of the negative sides to report an Italian localization not exactly in shape, which forced us to prefer the English language to better understand the demands of the game right from the initial tutorial. In the same way, the user interface is also partially indecipherable and it will take several minutes in the menus to find all the functions to fully understand the functioning of each mechanic.

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Sore point also for the graphic sectorwhich on Switch fails to give its best, impacted on the general immersion of the product, an element of no small importance for The Falconeer, which makes immersion in the game world one of its founding characteristics.

Net of these concerns, the time to make improvements through patches is not lacking, and The Falconeer remains a more than enjoyable title, especially for fans of the genre. We therefore await the final release of the game to offer you our definitive review.