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  7. The Facebook Audit Committee will meet Frances Haugen

The Facebook Audit Committee will meet Frances Haugen

The Facebook Audit Committee will meet Frances Haugen

The external supervisory and control body of Facebookthe Control Committee, asked for a comparison to Frances Haugen. The former employee of the platform recently testified before Congress about Facebook’s problems in the past few weeks. And after posting on the Wall Street Journal internal company documents on the impact of Instagram on minors, on the failure to monitor fake news and much more.

Facebook’s Audit Committee asks for an interview with Frances Haugen

Frances Haugen has shaken the foundations of Facebook in the past few weeks. You have published documents in the Journal that would prove managers’ awareness of the risks of the platform. Which according to the ex-employee it is dangerous for children but also for adults. Haugen told the US Congress that Facebook “prefer i gains to safety”And brought with him some documents to support his thesis.

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For this reason the Control Committee intends to speak to you. “Committee members appreciate the opportunity to discuss Ms. Haugen’s experience and gather information that can help us push for greater transparency and accountability from Facebook through our decisions and recommendations,” they write in a blog post.

Frances Haugen has accepted the invitation.

In announcing the invitation, the Committee members also expressed interest in the program which provided two different control systems for the most followed users. Indeed some public figures had the certainty of human control before a ban, while the average user does not. The Committee wonders if the company has been truly transparent in reporting the mechanisms linked to this system.

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At the moment a date or a lineup of the event has not yet been decided. We will keep you informed of any news.