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  5. The days of “Extra Black Friday” arrive in Euronics stores

The days of “Extra Black Friday” arrive in Euronics stores

The days of “Extra Black Friday” arrive in Euronics stores

After Amazon and MediaWorld, Euronics also launches its very personal Black Friday promotion. Starting yesterday, and until next November 30th, the household appliance chain offers a series of interesting discounts on all product categories. For the occasion, Euronics’ Extra Black Friday arrives. So let’s find out more about the offers of the well-known appliance chain, so as to see what is really worth buying in these weeks.

Black Friday Euronics: many discounts on appliances and hi-tech products

Among the proposals of Euronics’ “It’s already Black Friday” initiative there are not only many hi-tech products, but also small appliances dedicated to personal and home care, collected inside the “Speciale Ped”. But this is not the only interesting promotion. Until next December 31st, the “Noteback“, That is the cashback for anyone who buys a notebook. If you are looking to buy a new PC, this may be the right opportunity.

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By purchasing a model with an Intel processor costing more than € 499 you can receive a 50% refund. But on one condition: after one year, and within 24 months at the latest, you will have to return the notebook to buy a new one. A very interesting offer if you want to change your PC while always keeping up with the latest news on the market. In short, if your intention is to make hi-tech purchases, the Black Friday Euronics offer could be very interesting. We recommend that you take a look at the flyer you find on the official website, so you can choose the product you prefer. But one thing is certain: you have enough time available, so make your decision calmly. But no later than November 30, it is clear.

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The best offers of the week


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For all other offers, we strongly suggest you visit the official Euronics website, where you can make incredible purchases until next November 30th.