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The Community feature of PlayStation 4 will disappear in a few weeks

The Community feature of PlayStation 4 will disappear in a few weeks

Sony announced that the PlayStation Community function available on PlayStation 4 it will disappear in a few weeks. If you still use it, Sony recommends that you enjoy it while you can because it will be completely eliminated.

PlayStation 4 Community will disappear in a few weeks

Sony confirmed that the PlayStation Communities function it will be completely offline and unusable in a few weeks, precisely starting from the month of April. The company also claimed that will stop supporting the function: this means that it will completely stop working.

This however it does not mean that the Community function will pass to the next-generation. It looks like Sony really wants it to retire. On PlayStation 5, in fact, the communication has a completely new system which the company had already talked about at the time of launch.

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With the Community feature disappearing shortly, it was only a matter of time before Sony stopped support something on his old console. However, the company reassures users by revealing that there are still ways to stay connected on PS4.

In fact it is still possible send messages to your friends and interact with them through the PlayStation app on your Android or iOS device.

What does it mean to remove the Community function?

Eliminating this feature entirely means Sony has plans to reduce activities that can be played on PlayStation 4 and to abandon it to itself, albeit slowly. Actually PlayStation 4 still has it a few more years of life from the point of view of general support and gods new games but Sony is undoubtedly working to reduce the amount of work it does with the console.

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However, this means that they will almost certainly arrive many other features on PlayStation 5. The new console is already among us and needs to constant support. However, a small problem remains: as long as Sony it will not increase the number of consoles available on the market, many users will not be able to enjoy the next-generation and new features.