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The Chinese hotel reminiscent of Minecraft


The Chinese hotel reminiscent of Minecraft

If you are convinced that the image you have seen above does not really correspond to reality, we suggest you squint. In fact, what you see is absolutely real. This is the Beauty Crown Hotela hotel in Southern China that resembles in all respects the trees of Minecraft. The video game, developed by Mojang Studios since 2011, has been successful precisely because it allows you to build a wonderful world in bricks. And it must be precisely from this that the architect who followed the project of the hotel took inspiration, an integral part of an initiative by the Chinese government to promote tourism through the construction of structures with a great visual impact.

Minecraft becomes reality with the Beauty Crown Hotel

Officially opened in 2016, the Beauty Crown Hotel is one of the most beautiful and extravagant luxury hotels in the world. Located in Sanya, a small town in South China, it consists of nine tree-mansions, which seem to be built from bricks straight out of the Minecraft video game. Inside, one area of ​​180 thousand square meters it houses 2521 rooms, carefully designed and furnished to ensure maximum comfort for guests from all over the world. Each room has a flat screen television, complimentary tea, towels and wireless Internet access.

The property also houses a underground shopping mall of almost 300 thousand square meters, in addition to a series of other recreational facilities such as the fitness center and the garden, designed to ensure a relaxing stay. The Beauty Crown Hotel, therefore, is not only a phantasmagoric structure capable of attracting anyone’s attention, but also a wonderful luxury hotel that has managed to earn a place in the Guinnes Wold Record because of its gigantic size. But what interests us, in any case, is that in Sanya the Minecraft trees have turned into reality. If this were desired, we cannot know. What matters is that the video game bricks have finally found a place in our world as well.

The success of Minecraft

In recent months, Minecraft has truly proved an absolute success in the video game landscape. But its history has its roots in the distant 2009, when the Swedish programmer Markus Persson released an Alpha version of the title on PC. A test that lasted a long time, given that only November 18, 2011 Mojang Studios launched an actual copy of the game on the market. Already from this moment the approval of the users proved to be such as to convince the software house to also produce a console version of the video game. And so, within a couple of years, Minecraft also landed on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The success was incredible, so much so that Microsoft decided to buy Mojang in 2014.

Over time, the game’s success only grows. In 2019, for example, it was best-selling video game everwith ben 176 million copies sold, even surpassing Tetris. And not even the pandemic has managed to stop this exponential growth. In May 2020, for example, the video game sold over 200 million copies. And it is still one of the best-selling titles on Amazon. According to some recent data, it seems that there are currently over 125 million active users every month. An important number, which confirms that we are facing one of the most interesting titles ever.