The book “At school with Minecraft” will be presented at Didacta 2021

On the occasion of Didacta, the Italian fair dedicated to the world of school and university, Indire and Giunti Italia will present the book “At school with Minecraft. Designing a world in cubes “. Born from the collaboration with Microsoft Italy and edited by the technologist Andrea Benassi, this aims to tell the Mineclass experimentation project. In 2028, Indire and Microsfot started a teacher training process to allow them to integrate the game Minecraft: Education Edition in traditional educational programs. 1000 professors were involved in the initiative. And the book that will be presented on March 19th in Didacta does nothing but tell the potential of the project.

“At school with Minecraft” will be presented on March 19th in Didacta

“At school with Minecraft. Designing a world in cubes ”he investigates educational potential of the game Minecraft: Education Edition, guiding teachers to find the right way to put it into an educational program. “Writing this book took over 3 years of work. We wanted the methodology and the teaching activities proposed to be effectively feasible, compatible with the existing curricula and with the school’s “times”. This is why we have been experimenting with them all this time with numerous teachers and their students. Without their contribution, this book could not have existed “. This is how the curator, Andrea Benassi, describes the project carried out in collaboration by Indire, Giunti and Microsoft Italia.

An ambitious project, which aims to introduce a game into children’s teaching that allows them to explore new worlds, helping them develop collaboration and problem solving skills. On the other hand, the Mineclass project has shown how Microsoft’s stock can be successful in this sense. “We are very proud that from Mineclass – the largest experimentation on Minecraft in the world – a book has been born, in this way we can reach more and more teachers and students. In fact, more and more teachers in Italy and in the world rely on Minecraf: Education Edition, a tool that has proved to be increasingly useful and effective in teaching, especially in a context where school in presence alternates in an increasingly integrated way with remote mode “.

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Elvira Carzaniga, Director of the Education Division of Microsoft Italy, comments on the book that will be officially presented at Didacta on March 19th. And you? Would you like to participate in the presentation? To do this, just follow the event in streaming on the official website of the Fair.

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