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The BMW S 1000 R is renewed and becomes even lighter


The BMW S 1000 R is renewed and becomes even lighter

The new BMW S 1000 R introduces itself to enthusiasts by offering an emotional roadster look combined with driving dynamics of a true sports car. Directly derived from the S 1000 RR super sports car, in fact, the new BMW S 1000 can count on the same innovative technology, focusing on high-level performance to win over enthusiasts.

Here is the new BMW S 1000 R

The new BMW S 1000 R features an in-line four-cylinder engine capable of delivering a maximum power of 165 PS at 11 thousand revolutions per minute. The maximum drive torque is equal to 114 Nm and is available at 9250 rpm. It should be noted that the engine can count on a wider rotation range ensuring greater driveability thanks to a particularly linear torque curve.

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Among the novelties we point out that now the 4th, 5th and 6th gear now have longer ratios in order to reduce noise and consumption, especially at cruising speeds on extra-urban roads. The new BMW S 1000 R can count on a reduction of 6.5 kilograms of the total mass, now equal to 199 kilograms, empty, in its basic version. It is the lightest model in its class. Thanks to ABS Pro, Dynamic Traction Control (DTC) and full LED lights, the new model can count on a rich standard equipment, able to satisfy all users to the maximum.

The words of the company

Ralf Mölleken, Project Manager Complete Vehicle, says: “With our new S 1000 R we have tried to maintain the strengths of the previous model and take into account the potential that is known to us from press and customer feedback. The team also made perfect use of the advantages offered by the new architecture ”.