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The best video game promotions for Black Friday 2021

The best video game promotions for Black Friday 2021

The offers for Black Friday 2021 do not spare the world of video games, quite the contrary! Here are the best promotions not to be missed on the occasion of the November sales.

The best video game promotions on Black Friday 2021

The Black Friday 2021 has arrived, and as always it is the perfect opportunity to give gifts to loved ones, but also to yourself. If you are a video game lover, the promotions can be particularly attractive, with Amazon discounts that exceed 50%. But chat to the bands, here the best videogame offers of November divided by platform. Let’s start with PlayStation:

MotoGP 21 – PlayStation 4

Get ready to take your place on the starting grid and warm up the engines of your favorite bike: Moto GP 21 is on sale, and if you are undecided here you can find our review of this title.

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Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, PlayStation 4

The fighting game par excellence, an iconic saga of which, being taken for granted, it makes absolutely no sense to miss the eleventh chapter.

Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Day ICHI Edition – PlayStation 4

The Yakuza saga can easily be seen as the eastern forerunner to GTA. If you love open worlds, you can’t miss this Black Friday offer.

Marvel’s Avengers – PlayStation 4

Superheroes, everyone loves superheroes, even superheroes themselves love other superheroes. In short, to avoid being repetitive, just know that this is the ultimate superhero videogame.

Deathloop – Amazon.It Exclusive (with Metal Poster) – Playstation 5

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The world is stuck in a time loopand you are here to break it. No, the world is stuck in a time loop and you are here to hold it. In short, there is a time loop, and this is established, it is up to you to decide what to do with it.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Intergrade – PlayStation 4 | 5

Another chapter of the iconic saga that has made generations dream. What are you doing? Do you deprive yourself of it?

Watch Dogs Legion – Limited – PlayStation 4

London. 2026. A terrorist attack has brought martial law to the city, but it’s just an excuse to set up a new despotic regime. Only a group of hackers can intervene and guess what, you will be one of them. Also read our review here.

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THEmmortals Fenyx Rising Limited Edition – PlayStation 4

How beautiful ancient Greece, between vengeful gods and mythological creatures. In the game you will take on the role of Fenyx, a new hero who will have to fight the despotic Typhoon.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Earthblood – PlayStation 5

Impersonating the hero Cahal is fun, a man of many qualities, except for one small flaw: every now and then he turns into a werewolf. If you prefer a kitten, skip this game, if you are ready to manage its animalistic sides, go ahead, after all, the title is obvious.

Hitman 2 – PlayStation 4

After all, killers are also good people when they don’t kill. Ready to become professional hit men?

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F1 2021 – PlayStation 4

Definitely among the best racing games of all time. In F1 2021 you can experience the thrill of Formula 1 starting from an engaging career mode. Also read our review to learn more about this highly acclaimed title.

The best deals on Xbox titles

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla – Limited – Xbox One

What about the Assassin’s Creed saga, simply epic. In Valhalla you will discover all the ferocity of the Vikings, in a story as spectacular as it is unique. We have talked about it extensively here.

MotoGP 21 – Xbox One

Were you desperate to see that the offer was valid for PlayStation? Don’t worry: Amazon’s Black Friday offers this video game on offer also for Microsoft users.

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Resident Evil Village – Xbox Series X

With a record of more than 4 million copies sold, Resident Evil Village will take you to a vampire castle recreated with almost maniacal care by the Capcom team. If you love horror / thrillers, don’t miss it.

Immortals Fenyx Rising Limited Edition XBOX

Another title we told you about in the PlayStation section, take advantage of it dear Xboxian brothers.

Watch Dogs Legion – Limited – Xbox One

The hacker in you will be able to give free rein to his abilities, freeing London from the new and oppressive dictatorial regime.

Rainbow Six Siege Deluxe Year 6 – Xbox One

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A tactical first person shooter, one of the most loved around.

Cars 3 – Xbox One

Are you looking for an early Christmas gift for your children / grandchildren / cousins? We know it’s just an excuse and you actually want to play it.

Batman Arkham Collection – Xbox One

The adventures of the Dark Knight continue on Xbox One, the future of Gotham City is all in your controllers.

Lego City UndercoverXbox One

Fight crime as Agent Chase McCain in the legacy of Lego City.

Nintendo Switch video games in promotion for Black Friday 2021

Nacon Tennis World Tour 2

Everyone loves tennis. Except those who don’t like tennis. This Nintendo Switch simulation is extremely captivating and competitive: if you love sports games you might like it.

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Sonic Colors Ultimate

Another saga that has marked generations: Sonic is back, and is ready to arrive on your Switch.

Switch Lego Worlds

The game will catapult you into a sandbox world made of LEGO, which you can create and model to your liking.

Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate

A fighting game in every sense, as you will have to hit really hard on the keys of your Switch to knock out the many characters that populate the world of Mortal Kombat.

Just Dance 2021

The 2022 version has just been released, so it is not surprising that there is a discount on the previous chapter which, in any case, remains a great way to spend the evenings in the company of friends and relatives. Ready to turn your living room into a dancefloor?

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Black Friday 2021 promotions on PC video games

Not a big Black Friday for PC video games, but there is still a noteworthy promotion on F1 2020available at a 68% discount.