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The best Alexa skills to install on your Amazon Echo

The best Alexa skills to install on your Amazon Echo

Smart speakers, or smart speakers, are increasingly present in our homes and “Alexa” has now become one of the most pronounced words during the day. The much loved Amazon Echo allow you to listen to music, set a timer, manage our compatible smart devices, but reach their maximum potential thanks to Skill. Here’s what they are, how they install, and what they are the best Alexa skills.

Skills are additional featurescreated by third-party programmers, which allow you to run your Amazon Echo new commands. It is very similar to the world of smartphones: they are sold with pre-installed features (the ability to write messages, make calls, the calculator, etc) and then we can install additional applications.

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Thanks to Alexa Skills we can play, listen to the news of the day or our favorite radio station, receive specific information and much more.

The best Alexa skills to install on your Amazon Echo

If you love having breakfast in the morning listening to the news of the day, you will surely appreciate the many skills in the store. Here you can enable news from SkyTG24, Repubblica, Rai News, Corriere della Sera, Il Messaggero and many other sources of information. Alexa also integrates a daily summary, which allows you to select multiple sources to be able to listen to all the news of the day with a single command. In fact, just go to “Settings”> “Daily summary” to select and sort the various sources.

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Play with Alexa Skills

Yes, thanks to the Skills it is also possible to play. Among those most voted there is the famous Akinator: just think of a real or imaginary character and the genius will try to guess it through some questions and clues. Then there is Free fall, the official skill of the quiz broadcast on TV. The game consists of answering the questions and not finishing the three daily lives available, otherwise you will fall into the trap door. Based on the correct answers, Alexa will calculate a prize pool valid to participate in a weekly ranking among all users.

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Curiosities about video gamesas you can guess from the name, reveals a lot of news and anecdotes about the gaming world and is perfect for nerds like us.

Skills for movie lovers

Game of Cinema is one of the best Alexa skills dedicated to fans of the big screen. It is a cinema-themed quiz, in which 2 to 5 players can participate and challenge their friends. The game consists of four rounds and each player will have to try to guess the title of a movie. You can ask Alexa for some clues, or play the movie soundtrack, trailer audio or movie clip to guess the title.

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Speaking of movies, Alexa integrates many Skills that allow you to learn about television programming, such as SuperGuidaTv and that of cinemas with the Skill MYmovies.it. You can also ask your Echo for advice on what movie to watch with Recommend a movieor get specific information about a movie thanks to FilmQuest which uses the IMDb database.

Recipes, horoscope, smart home and much more

Obviously, the Skills that allow you to cook a good dish cannot be missing. The most famous is that of Saffron Yellow, extremely clear and complete. Just ask the voice assistant to look for a specific recipe on Giallo Zafferano, or containing an ingredient. The device will then guide us step by step, from the necessary ingredients to all the various procedures. And if you are desperate because your scales are broken you can always count on the Skill Weighs Without Scale, which will automatically convert the weight of an ingredient into other units of measurement such as glasses and spoons. For example, you can ask Alexa to weigh 200 grams of flour without a scale and she will tell you how many glasses they correspond to.

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With around 14,000 reviews and an average of 4 stars, the Skill is a must in your collection Radio Lattemiele horoscope with Paolo Fox. Every day Paolo Fox will tell you how love, work and health will go according to the stars.

Then there are many other categories and the Skills available are really many. Among others we find those dedicated to the management of smart devices, such as Philips Hue, IKEA TRÅDFRI And iRobot Home. Or the fundamental skills to listen to music through Spotify or Apple Musicthose dedicated to traffic and transport, such as Trenitalia And Highways.

The Amazon Echo devices are therefore really very useful, not only for setting alarms and playing music, but above all if used to their full potential thanks to the best skills in the Alexa store.