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The Audi e-bike also uses the iPhone as a data console

The Audi e-bike also uses the iPhone as a data console

Audi’s latest creation is not a car but a bicycle that seems more out of the future than the current one.

The Audi e-Bike is a very versatile mountain bike, made of carbon fiber and with the highest technology inside. Without deviating from the theme of the blog, we can see that this bike has an electric motor that develops 3CV of power and that allows us to reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour and travel a distance of about 50 or 70 kilometers.

We can also see a LED lighting system for when the light begins to be scarce and an electric seat adjustment system to quickly place it in different positions depending on the discipline that we are going to practice (from a simple walk to pure enduro).

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In case this seems little to you, the Audi e-Bike offers a small console from which we can consult the main data although We can also use our iPhone for other purposes such as blocking its use, checking the battery level, seeing the route we have made or even reproducing certain postures that the bike has adopted during use. A true technological beast.

As a bike, it would be necessary to see what components it mounts, how that double suspension system behaves and see if its total weight of 21kg (11kg only the bike) does not make it too clumsy without using the propulsion system (assisted or not). And I forgot the most important thing, its price will be around 10,000 euros.

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