The Apple Watch Series 8 could incorporate a temperature sensor

Rumors about Apple’s new Apple Watch are beginning to emerge strongly. Parallel to these rumors, there is also talk about the hidden news in watchOS 9 that could give us a clue about the new hardware of the Apple Watch Series 8. Apparently a new battery saving mode would arrive with watchOS 9 to the new watch. Nevertheless, The rumors also focus on the hardware and point to a new temperature sensor that could give us information about the user’s body temperature.

A new temperature sensor will arrive with the Apple Watch Series 8

Apple plans to launch a new Apple Watch Series 8 in addition to the Apple Watch SE and a supposedly more robust and resistant watch for extreme sports. These would be the three new products that would carry watchOS this year. In fact, in his weekly newsletter Gurman assures that the new Series 8 and its rugged model for extreme sports will incorporate a new body temperature sensor.

This sensor would collect the temperature of the user’s body but Gurman predicts that it will not offer a specific temperature value but rather it will guide whether the patient could have a fever or not based on the registered parameters. In addition, I would advise the user to go to a doctor or use a thermometer to take the temperature more specifically.

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The temperature sensor must pass internal tests within Apple’s laboratories. In addition, it requires authorization from state government agencies around the world such as the FDA or EMSA. Once you have authorization, you can unlock the sensor and be able to use it through watchOS 9.

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