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The Apple ID site has a new design

The Apple ID site has a new design

Apple changed the site design of Apple ID, giving it a decidedly more modern and captivating look. The new look focuses on the slogan “One account for all Apple services“. A sign of how the Cupertino company increasingly aims to integrate its hardware ecosystem with subscription services tailored to its users.

Change the Apple ID site design

In the past, the look of the Apple ID site was very different. It had a lot of heavy, dense graphics. The new design instead gives the idea of ​​a functional and minimalist sitetwo adjectives that become easy to link to the Apple brand.

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In addition to changing the homepage, Apple has also changed what you can read once you log into your Apple account. On the one hand, he highlights that “you are in control“, Inviting you to check and update your personal data. Name, password but also the details for the security logins. You can also manage connected devices, payment information and show which contacts to show to others so they can contact you.

But above all, Apple highlights that it is “Privator And safe“. You can enable two-factor authentication to better protect your accounts. And then it makes sure that you can easily control it privacysomething Apple has invested heavily in, including in terms of marketing.

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The new design also has a side menu to allow you to quickly move between the various options. This way you can easily manage security, information, payments, Family Sharing, connected devices and privacy. All with a simple and clean look, very much in keeping with the classic “look & feel” of the Apple.

You can look at the new design and manage your account from this address.