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The Apple Car team loses another important piece

The Apple Car team loses another important piece

It seems that the Apple car, better known as Apple Car, is losing momentum in the Cupertino company. The last few days are causing several important parts to drop within this project of the Cupertino company and now Michael Schwekutsch, who was the senior director of engineering on the special projects team including the Apple Car, is leaving Apple. This engineer who signed for Apple in 2019 leaves his position a few days after another important departure for this project as the head of the Soonho Ahn battery team.

The issue of the car at Apple is not clear

Every day that passes we see with less option the launch of an electric and intelligent car under the Apple signature. In this sense, the project was always between rumors and without a clear direction, but the hiring of this type of engineers and the movements of Apple made many did not lose hope in seeing an autonomous and electric car manufactured or designed by Apple.

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In this case, as the MacRumors website points out, Schwekutsch leaves Apple to sign for a project in a startup that works on the project of a kind of air taxi, called Archer Aviation. In short, all these outings, the only thing they do is cool down the Apple Car project, which several rumors indicate that it could be ready in three or four years. This is a rumor that we have been commenting on for too long and there is nothing firm either, although we already know that with Apple everything is possible.