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The Antitrust fines Google and Apple for 20 million euros

The Antitrust fines Google and Apple for 20 million euros

The Italian Antitrust sanctions Google And Apple for practices that are not very transparent in the data management of users, with a fine from 10 million euros each, the maximum required by the regulations. The Competition and Market Authority revealed two violations of the Consumer Code. On the one hand, the lack of information towards customers, on the other hand the aggressive practices in the use of data for commercial purposes.

The Antitrust fines Google and Apple

The Guarantor found that Google profiles its customers for commercial purposesselling online advertisements and other businesses that exploit this data for profit. Apple does not resell the data to third parties, but still profiles and collects information. And it derives economic gain with promotions on products and services on the App Store, iTunes Store and Apple Books.

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The Guarantor explains that “there is a consumption relationship between users and the two operators, even in the absence of a monetary outlay, the consideration for which is represented by the data they give out using the services of Google and Apple”. So the Antitrust thinks that Google and Apple did not provide clear information to users about the use of data.

Furthermore, the Antitrust Authority denies that Google pre-sets the acceptance by users of the data for commercial purposes when the account is created. Apple, on the other hand, does not allow the consumer to choose not to share their data. Two practices that the Guarantor defines as “aggressive”.

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In a note, Apple says it disagrees and wants to appeal. “We believe that the Authority’s opinion is wrong and we will appeal the decision. Apple has been committed to protecting the privacy of our users for a long time, and we work very hard to design products and features that protect data. We give all users a level of transparency and control at the forefront of the sectorso that they can choose what information to share, and how it is used “.

Even Google is not reflected in the findings of the Antitrust: “We disagree with the decision of the Authority and we will appeal “. We will update you on the developments of the affair.