The Animal Crossing universe in the next IKEA catalog


  • Animal Crossing and Ikea, the merger
  • IKEA is part of the team
  • The value of this choice

The Swedish furniture manufacturer Ikea made a new version of its 2021 furniture catalog For Taiwan inspired by the Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing: New Horizonswith characters from the game. The furniture brand is something of a cultural icon thanks to its huge stores, its deliberately exotic layout and the weird presence on social media.

This is not the first time that the furniture brand has taken inspiration from the video game industry. In 2016, the company had indeed launched IKEA Virtual Reality Experiencea simulator of virtual kitchen fully interactive which could be downloaded for free from Steam.

Animal Crossing and Ikea, the merger

IKEA of course it's not the first brand jumping on the wonderful Animal Crossing wagon of happiness. The joyful and peaceful atmosphere that the game offers players and the way it allows them to escape from the stressful circumstances of everyday life have made it a success.

To date he has sold more 22 million copies and is currently listed as the second match for the best-selling Nintendo Switch of all time. With such an impact, it's no surprise to see third parties also reaping the game's success and trying to get a piece of the pie.

Many celebrities also interacted with fans throughout the game. Even screenwriter Gary Whitta threw in a gaming talk show during the quarantine period.

Danny Devito's face appears on an Animal Crossing island

IKEA is part of the team

Now IKEA wants to be part of the team too. IKEA Taiwan recently released its 2021 furniture catalog on Facebook, as noted by GoNintendo. Images of the second version, however, are really fun because they are inspired by the game.

Each image in the catalog was made in the style of New Horizons, with the iconic characters of the game which replace the human models in the catalog.

There have been occasions where players they challenged brands that exploited similar trends. The main goal was to make a profit and, theoretically speaking, they are not all wrong. However, if a company like IKEA commits to creating something similar and extremely fascinating like an Animal Crossing style catalog, it is difficult to find faults.

The value of this choice

A crossing between a furniture brand like IKEA and a game like Animal Crossing can be defined as a natural evolution of the two realities. Nintendo's simulation game indeed has a huge component of furniture and interior design where players can buy, build and trade furniture and items. It is a real platform for creative production and the IKEA catalog adapts perfectly in keeping with the tone of the game.

This particular catalog could also become an object of great desire for the video game collectors of the future. In addition to aesthetic beauty, in fact demonstrates an important meeting point between the mass market of an international company and the world of video games. This is paper proof that video games have acquired one popularity as found in an IKEA catalog.

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