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The AMC Italia recruiting day has started


The AMC Italia recruiting day has started

AMC Italya company specializing in the direct sale of high quality cooking systems for a healthy diet, new recruiting continues day looking for 300 new collaborators throughout Italy to be included in the team dedicated to direct sales. The selected sales representatives will join the team of 1,500 professionals in Italy and over 12,000 worldwide.

The new AMC Italia recruiting day is starting in the Italian squares

After the great success of the first recruiting day in June, which saw AMC present in 27 Italian squares, on October 1st AMC will be back in the square for the new recruiting day dedicated to all fans of the world of cooking who want to try a new and exciting work experience. During the first recruitment AMC generated over 500 leads and more than 85 cooking shows are scheduled in addition to having established relationships with more than 80 people interested in the activity of consultant.

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The new recruiting campaign will make it possible to show all interested parties a new, healthy and innovative way of cooking. And at the same time, those who wish can apply for a new work experience.

But that’s not all, working at AMC can also be the springboard to transform a passion into a real profession. According to research recently conducted by Astra Research for AMC, who analyzed the perceptions, behaviors, values ​​and expectations that are maturing in our society regarding the concept of smart, it is clear that Italians have a strong desire to a smarter life. And they consider both the use of technological products and attention to healthy cooking to be of primary importance. Representing AMC truly means offering exactly what consumers want, so working for this brand becomes easy and rewarding.

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It is, in fact, a trendy product that can improve daily life. For over 37% of the interviewees it is very important, even in the kitchen, to have a quick and easy system. Which therefore saves time and allows you to cook well but with the highest quality available on the market. The AMC cooking system offers exactly that.

Interviews and recruitment meetings will also be organized

But this year recruitment will not only take place in the streets! AMC is in fact also implementing digital channels for the realization of recruitment meeting. In addition to most institutional interviews in offices premises located on the Italian territory. For AMC, collaborators have always been the backbone of the company. They are essential to make customers better understand the high quality and functioning of the product as well as being a real point of reference for customers.

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It is an independent job that can be done by anyone who wishes and especially by all those who love cooking, regardless of age or gender. Whoever joins the AMC team decides independently how much time to devote to your work. And he can choose to earn extra income with a part-time or full-time job. The fundamental prerequisites are the desire to do things, the pleasure of being in contact with people and an interest in cooking.

The October 1st on the occasion of the day dedicated to recruitment it will be possible to meet the AMC Area Managers present in the main Italian squares with dedicated corners. On the official website you can register and find out more about this fantastic initiative.