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The Amazon promotion is back “One Click for School”

The Amazon promotion is back “One Click for School”

Even this year Amazon launched the promotion “One Click for the School”, now in its third edition. This is an initiative in support of Italian teaching, which helps students of kindergarten, primary and secondary school (both first and second grade).

With the previous two editions, Amazon has donated a total of 5.9 million euros in the form of virtual credit, disbursed to more than 28,800 schools who have joined the promotion. Electronic equipment, stationery, physical education items, musical instruments and other useful items were thus purchased.

One Click for the Amazon School to support SMEs

Customers can choose which school they want to support on the promotion’s official website and then continue with their Amazon purchases. The platform will donate a percentage of your spending as a virtual credit. The selection of eligible purchases covers the catalogs of over 18 thousand Italian small and medium enterprises.

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The educational content of Amazon Digital Lab

Also through the promo site you can access Amazon Digital Lab, a virtual space full of resources for students who want to continue learning. Video tutorials, audiobooks, Audible podcasts and more are made available.

The initiative is in collaboration with the Future Education Modena, which deals with educational and dissemination activities for children, students and young adults who want to acquire and improve skills for the future. The webinars will be held by leading experts, such as MIUR trainers, neuroscientists, assistants and PhDs.

Among the main topics covered we find the recommended practices to be applied in school environments to improve the integration of technology in teachingthe connection between neuroscience and learning, the Game Based Learning and many other topics.

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Through the showcase Ready for School you can then buy backpacks, cases and other products for back to class, while on adozionelibriscolastici.it the main textbooks used in schools of all grades, both public and private, can be purchased via Amazon.

The words of Giorgio Busnelli

Giorgio BusnelliDirector of Amazon’s Large Consumption Categories for Italy and Spainhe has declared:

“This year more than ever we are happy to support Italian schools just as they are preparing and equipping themselves to experience a new normalcy. The attention that Amazon pays to students and teachers is constant and, thanks to the fundamental contribution of our customers – to whom we offer, again this year, the opportunity to support an institution of their choice through their purchases – we can continue to provide them the right tools to deal with study and teaching in the best possible way, in presence as well as remotely “.

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“Our Amazon Digital Lab also goes in this direction which, with its proposal of innovative contents, will once again prove to be a precious and also fun resource for learning. This initiative is a source of pride for us because it allows us, at the same time, to continue to support even small and medium-sized Italian companies that sell their products through the Amazon marketplace “.