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The Amazon Alexa app debuts a new design

The Amazon Alexa app debuts a new design

Apple has Siri as a virtual assistant that walks users through various tasks and actions. Amazon, on the other hand, has Alexa, a virtual assistant that came to light in 2014 and since then has been on millions of devices around the world. This assistant can be configured through an application and even used from our devices without the need for a product that integrates it as a virtual assistant. In a new version, the Amazon Alexa app has received a new design that slightly changes the layout of the elements and makes it much more fluid.

A new menu and greater fluidity in the Amazon Alexa app

Use the Alexa app to set up Alexa-enabled devices, listen to music, create shopping lists, get the latest news, and more. The more you use Alexa, the better it adapts to your voice, the vocabulary you use, and your personal preferences.

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There are no official notes on the news that Amazon has included in its Alexa app in its new version 2.2.355856. However, users who use it daily have noticed changes from the previous version. The most important change is a new menu to which the “More” option has been added. This option replaces a side menu that was displayed by means of an element that was in the upper left part. The rest of the menu remains the same with the home page, communication section, playback and devices.

Within the More menu we have new options such as the arrival of the suggestions, which are recommendations by the application to use with the virtual assistant. We also have direct access to lists, notes, alarms and also routines. In the middle of the menu we have the section play that allows us to modify what is playing on our device with Alexa with a couple of touches.

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