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The Alexa Skills Kit arrives in Italy: what it is and what it is for

The Alexa Skills Kit arrives in Italy: what it is and what it is for

From today, Italian developers can start exploiting theAlexa Skills Kit to create new vocal experiences in Italian. But what is it about?

What is the Alexa Skills Kit

ASK is a set of self-service APIs and tools that allow developers to conceive and design new features for Alexa.

Developers don’t need any experience in speech recognition or natural language processing – Alexa does all the work. But how is ASK used? On the dedicated website they are available tons of resources – tutorials and webinars included – which help you learn the basics of the system and quickly build a skill. In case you want to design one in several languages, you will find on the portal the technical documentation that illustrates the functioning of the language models, including the English variants for the United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia, as well as German, Japanese, French and, from today, Italian and Spanish.

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Do you want to embark on this enterprise? First of all you have to become part of the Alexa community, after which you can take advantage of the available materials or ask for clarification from the evangelists or a solution architect.

Alexa Voice Service: What is it all about?

Together with the Alexa Skills Kit comes theAlexa Voice Service. What is that? A bundle of resources, including APIs, Hardware Development Kits, Software Development Kits, and related documentation. All of these elements help developers ad integrate Alexa into your products, bringing the convenience of voice control to any connected device.

By the end of the year, device manufacturers will be able to leverage these resources to launch Alexa-enabled products that have access to the Italian language model and local services, including the aforementioned skills.

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Do you want to use them immediately? You can log in here to enter the early access program.