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  5. The Alexa app for Xbox One and Series X / S is coming

The Alexa app for Xbox One and Series X / S is coming

The Alexa app for Xbox One and Series X / S is coming

Microsoft slowly opened the platform Xbox voice assistants other than Cortana, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Now Alexa is taking it one step further, with a its application for Xbox coming “in the next few days” for a more complete integration.

Alexa on Xbox: The application for a wider integration is coming

While it is already possible to use Amazon’s voice assistant to control some Xbox features, installing the new application will enable visual pop-ups and some additional additions. Once available, the app should work on consoles Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. There is a detail, however. You’ll need an Amazon Echo or other Alexa-compatible device nearby to actually receive the commands and transmit them to the Xbox.

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Once the two products are connected – Xbox and Echo device – you will be able to use Amazon’s voice assistant for turn the console on and off, start a game or find out what’s new in the Game Pass. It will also be possible to record game clips and open third-party applications, such as Netflix on Xbox.

Thanks to the new application, it will also be possible to view information about the connected Alexa device, such as the calendar with “Alexa show me the calendar”; the e-mail with “Alexa, show me emails”; the weather forecast and especially the integrated smart intercom video with the assistant – if you have one.

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This new integration therefore expands the functionality of Alexa on Xbox, already present but without a real application and therefore a bit limited. It will replace, in effect, the Kinect + Cortana combination.