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Tesla, with the next update the horn will be modifiable … and more

Tesla, with the next update the horn will be modifiable … and more

In the world automotive scene, often, the Announcements brought in a year from a house are few And well spaced.
As with everything, however, there is the exception that confirmation there rule.
This exception is called Tesla.

The famous Californian house, in fact, after having introduced with an update Netflix on the infotainment of its cars, has just announced a new software update.
No new features on the huge screen, no special games or easter eggs.
There Announcementsthis time, it’s like acoustic: it will indeed be possible modify the sound of the horn. And not only!
The next electric cars will have to indeed issue by law a sound below the 20 km / h. And this sound will also be completely customizable!

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Horn changeable? And since when? Come on, this has never been possible!

And here you are wrong!
Here, however, we are not talking about horns that can be modified with tracks to your liking (and we will return to this), but about a double tone for the horn.
Some cars, in fact, for example German, British and American, were equipped with two-tone hornAlso known as “Town and Country“, Especially in fashion in the 70s, 80s and 90s.
In the video below, there is the example of the gorgeous Mercedes 560 SEL W126 (aka Classe S) from the 80s and early 90s.

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The basic concept is that, just like electric cars, in the city there is a need for be heard from pedestrians and other road users. This taskfor many cars, it could be done by the normal horn.
On more cars sophisticatedinstead, there was a secondary hornmore little And acute, activated at pressure of a key.
This secondary horn, called “Town“, Having shorter, sharper waves, it was perfect for advise clearly of his own presence to who was in the immediate vicinity without producing unnecessary noise.
The second horn, called “Country“, Activate the conventional trumpet once you leave the city and enter the countryside or in highway. This one with more sound serious it’s more powerfulHe is able to project more distant, in order to be heard even with the distances more important of the extra-urban.

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Let’s go back to Tesla which is better …

Going back to talking about the American manufacturer, after the numerous updates, which have brought more or less indispensable news (easter egg of the ****, I’m looking at you …), almost one arrives unpublished for each manufacturer.

In fact, with the next software update it will be possible for Tesla customers modify the sound Of horn And horn.

The latter, in fact, works through the use of a big one external speaker, so in Tesla they will have thought: “why not exploit it until the end?”.

Customized horn & movement sounds (coconuts being one, of course) coming to Teslas soon

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– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 6, 2019

Confirmation comes from Mr. Tesla in person. Elon Muskin fact, has recently announced on Twitter that will soon come implemented this feature, not only confined to the horn, but also extended to the more conventional horn.

“Musical” Tesla: goats, **** and … Monty Python?

No, you don’t have the tricks, you read that right.

? &? sounds too (also, of course)

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 6, 2019

As you can also see from the South African Elon’s tweet, it will be possible to choose how customized horns the bleating of a goat and the “sound” of a ****.
As the photo a little above, farting is nothing new in Tesla’s home.
On Model 3, Model S and Model X, in fact, the easter egg is available “**** Mode“, Where the car speakers reproduce the effects of a “**** cushion” on one of the 5 seats chosen by the driver, or even totally at random.

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With this new feature, however, they can be reached peaks unexplored.
In fact, as anticipated in the first tweet Of Elonwill be available as a horn “coconuts“. But what is it about?

This is a clear reference to Monty Pyhtonfamous British comedy group of which Musk is a big fan.
In the film “The Holy Grail”, in fact, the two parts of a are used coconut to mimic the sound of a horse’s gallop, generating a hilarious talk about chariots.
Apart from that, however, we are concerned that this sound will be insertable frominfotainment and used as horn in the city.

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The sounds will be customizable and loadable … Oh mum, what awaits us …

Musk finally stated that every Tesla will have one list Of sounds And music Rather longbut what every customer will be able to to add of the audio clip to his taste.
This can be a lot nice on the one hand (someone said V10 of the cars of F1 of the early 2000s?), on the other hand it suggests one scenario Rather scary, where every Tesla makes a sound strange or bothersome… We just have to wait And see how to will evolve the situation!

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AND you? What about it think? Think it’s one nice idea And funny? Or find it to be one of them found a bit’ mirror for the larks and a little’ useless?