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Tesla: the new models lack USB ports, does the chip crisis have to do with it?

Tesla: the new models lack USB ports, does the chip crisis have to do with it?

American users who purchased Tesla’s Model 3 and Model Y have pointed out the absence of USB ports, here’s why.

No USB ports on the new Tesla: the fault of the chip crisis

According to The Verge portal, some customers Tesla have pointed out that their Model 3 and Model Y lack USB ports. The problem has in fact already been highlighted by another authoritative portal: Electrek. According to reports, at the base of this choice of the company, there would be the age-old problem of chip crisis.

Buyers then turned to Reddit to voice their concerns about missing doors. The problem, as emerged from the posts, would concern not only the USB type C inputs on the center console and near the rear seats, but also a general malfunction of the wireless chargers. Some buyers argue Tesla didn’t even tell them the cars would come without USB ports. Others, on the other hand, did not even realize the absence of the aforementioned, until they read the posts on Reddit.

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Electrek reports that the few users who have managed to get in touch with customer service have been told that “USB ports may be available starting in December”. Users were then offered the opportunity to book a technical appointment for the installation. The Verge, however, remains skeptical of Tesla’s announced deadlines. However, for now, buyers are left with a vehicle equipped with a very expensive battery, which cannot even charge common electronic devices.

The chip crisis creates many difficulties for the automotive industry

No wonder problems of this kind. After all, the chip shortage has manifested itself in many areas of technology, and the automotive industry is certainly no exception. Some of the new BMW models, for example, will not be equipped with touchscreens, and buyers will likely never be able to install one.

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Negative consequences also for GM. The latter has already had to abandon wireless charging and the fuel management module in some of its newer vehicles. The brand has even downsized the Super Cruise feature on Cadillacs. In short: if you were thinking about buying a new car, maybe you should wait.