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Tesla: the beta of the new autonomous driving software arrives

Tesla: the beta of the new autonomous driving software arrives

Years after the official announcement, Tesla has finally made version 9 of its new autonomous driving system available in beta. The company has released the new software warning users that artificial intelligence “could do the wrong thing at the wrong time”, inviting them to keep the attention threshold high once behind the wheel.

Tesla: the beta of autonomous driving

Full autonomous driving on Tesla cars was promised on the way by Elon Musk in 2018, then 2019 and finally no later than last June, but finally it looks like the wait is over and a beta version of the feature has finally arrived on the company car. According to the CEO, self-driving was much more difficult than expected.

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Among the screenshots of the update it is possible to note that the system will display a series of detailed data on the conditions of the route on some the vehicle is moving and theuse of sensors capable of determining the driver’s level of attentionwith an audible warning aimed at concentrating his attention on the road even with the autopilot active.

Tesla also confirmed that recorded images will not be shared with third parties should individual users decide not to transmit the data. At the moment, however, it is not yet clear how much the beta of version 9 of the software improves the autonomous driving experience. Musk recently tweeted that the company is working to fix some known problems and that some things may still go wrong, urging users to exercise great caution.

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The beta of version 9 of the software is currently being tested only for those who are part of Tesla’s early access program, which has a total of about 2000 vehicles. It is also important to remember that this mechanism does not allow cars to “drive themselves”, but mainly serves to automate certain processes, such as acceleration, braking, gear changes and so on.