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Tesla rejected a purchase offer from Apple in 2013

Tesla rejected a purchase offer from Apple in 2013

It is not a secret that both companies are closer than mere mortals see, but this could have been visible in 2013 when Apple presented a formal purchase offer to Tesla. This, which we obviously already know did not happen, is now being told on CNBC Craig Irwin, an analyst at Roth Capital Partners.

The meetings between the executives of Apple and Tesla have been the talk of the media for a long time and it is something that we all obviously knew was happening, but We were not so sure that the offers or negotiations to buy Tesla were serious, but it seems that they were..

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About $240 a share was Apple’s offer.

According to Irwin, Apple’s offer was $240 per share and although it is true that not many details of the meetings or negotiations are known, Elon Musk’s firm refused to accept it as is evident for some reason that has not transpired in the leak itself shown in Apple Insider.

Last 2014, a possible meeting between the CEOs of both companies was seen on the Twitter profile of Apple’s chief operating officer, Adrian Perica, but nothing was officially confirmed either. The recent news published in the media and related to the low liquidity of Tesla (10 months as confirmed by Musk in an email to his employees) suggests that we could be facing new chapters of this purchase negotiation by Apple, or not. Tesla shares are just over $200 right now, so it may be a good time to launch an offer again if Apple is really interested in performing this operation At present, the purchase would be cheaper.