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Tesla reintroduces free internet services in some vehicles

Tesla reintroduces free internet services in some vehicles

With Tesla the internet is back to being free. Or at least for someone. The electric car company officially plans to pay a subscription for access to internet services, which allow the car to use maps in real time and stream musicals without having to use a smartphone. However, some users have reported having access to this feature in free way.

Tesla grants free internet services. Perhaps.

Your Tesla car can access navigation without the need for a subscription. But from mid-2018Tesla grants the other services through 4G only upon payment of a monthly subscription of 9.99 euros, which can be activated from your Tesla account. This Premium connectivity includes map viewing with satellite view and real-time traffic, video and audio streaming, internet browser and Caraoke function.

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All of these services are included in cars purchased before July 2018. However, some users who have purchased a Tesla in the past year and a half have reported having access to these features without subscribing to a subscription. Among these, at least one user drives one Model 3 of 2019a model that never had Premium Connectivity included.

After the first cases of this phenomenon, the Electrek online newspaper is collecting data on this unexpected trend. In fact, the company has not announced anything similar and has not made any comments. However, Tesla appears to have changed its policies on free premium internet access. All reported cases are in Canada, so it may be that the change only occurs in the North American country. However, it could be a test to be expanded in the future.

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At the moment, it seems unlikely that Tesla will grant free internet to all electric car buyers. These testimonies, however, suggest a Upcoming policy change on Premium Subscriptions. At least for some.