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Tesla raises the price of full autonomous driving to $ 10,000

Tesla raises the price of full autonomous driving to $ 10,000

Tesla increases the price of autonomous driving. The software upgrade “Full Self-Driving”Increases by two thousand dollars to get to fee $ 10,000. The increase is in line with CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter announcement, although the feature has only been available in the last few months in the form of beta test.

Tesla raises the price of FSD autonomous driving

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving feature is one of the most talked about software options in the electric car. Although Musk has been talking about it for years, it has only been implemented a few months ago. Still in an experimental phase, being a “limited beta”Which not all users can access. Some industry experts don’t really consider this software upgrade to be a complete autonomous guide, since requires pilot supervision. Therefore it should not have the autonomy foreseen by the standards set by the SAE International.

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However, Tesla’s FSD remains an impressive and futuristic option, beyond the price increase. At least according to the first testers. Musk is confident he can expand the option to the public by the end of this year, although it remains to be seen how horizontal rollout is possible in all countries where Tesla products are sold. Comprehensive autonomous driving legislation varies a lot from country to country, so we expect it to function may be late for a European and Italian launch.

However, the price increase suggests that Tesla is close to commercialization. The price was purposely lower to entice users to test the new feature in beta. THE 10 thousand euros decided to upgrade should instead be the commercial price of Tesla’s Full Self-Driving. This could also help the company raise revenues by the end of the year, increasing the confidence the stock market appears to have in the company in recent times.