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Tesla Model S sets a new record among 4-door sedans at Laguna Seca

Tesla Model S sets a new record among 4-door sedans at Laguna Seca

After years of “Anonymity”, Tesla began to do the big voice.

Obviously I’m not talking about marketing, sales and enthusiast interest: in that field, Tesla does speak of himself for years.
The American house, however, has never entered the usual “Supremacy struggles” among others brand, fought with blows fast laps on most famous tracks in the world.
Those days, however, they seem to be finished.

A Tesla Model Sin fact, it has recently become the four-door sedan fastest on the famous Californian circuit of Laguna Seca.

For many, this show of strength is one Preparation for the challenge launched by Elon Musk to the newcomer in the house Porsche, there Taycan.

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The old record: who established it and in how much time… Ah, by any chance there is the video?

There best-selling electric sedan (after little sister Model 3) yesterday has beaten the record he was jealously held by Cadillac CTS-V for almost 4 years.

For those unfamiliar with the other American sedan in question, the CTS and the “medium” sedan of Cadillac, rival of BMW 5 Series and Audi A6. And the CTS-V is the plus version aggressive of the American sedan, rival of the M5 and RS6.
There particularity of this big American sedan compared to its European rivals is the motor.

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No turbo, no intelligent all-wheel drive. Here between the front wheels there is a very American Supercharged 6.4-liter LT4 V8 with volumetric compressor.
This absurd engine, taken directly from the Corvette Z06He is able to 640 hp And 854 Nm of couple.
All transferred to the sun rear wheels via an 8-speed automatic transmission, a self-locking differential. To unload all this power on the ground we find special tires Michelin Pilot Super Sport created ad hoc for her, with a footprint of 30 cm on the ground.

Numbers impressive, almost excessive, which combined with the weight not exactly from Lotus Elise (1900 kg) does not seem suitable for the track.
The CTS-V, however, managed to set a time of 1: 38.52 within the competition “2015 Best Driver’s Car” of the famous American site Motor Trend.
AND Yes, There is the video of that lap. Get ready to enjoy a ride at limit of a track as legendary as Laguna Seca.
Ah, and prepare the ears to to listen the sound unmistakable of a real American V8, angry like few

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But despite everything, a Tesla Model S beat it… how did it do it?

As for numbers, there Tesla Model S she has not fear of the compatriot.
With the new version Performance, in fact, the American full electric sedan has 613 CVwhich rise to the incredible figure of 760 when the famous is inserted “Ludicrous Mode”with the couple which rises up to 930 Nm.

If you then add the low center of gravity because of the batteries under the floor, and the Model S is considered to have a four-wheel drive calibrated with surgical precisionthanks to the presence of a motor for each axis and the modularity of an electric motor, the record it may seem within reach.

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The Californian sedan, however, has a great enemy on his side: the weight. While the CTS-V is not a featherweight, it is almost lighter than the Model S 300 kgand the weight on the track is yours worst enemy.

To overcome this problem, Tesla has prepared one version of his Model S Performance to which he has stiffened the frame, emptied the interior, mounted racing seats and rollcage.
Finally, Tesla technicians have updated the powertrain, inserting the brand new “Plaid mode”.

Plaid mode? What is it?

As the Ludicrous Modealso there Plaid Mode is a quote from the 1988 film “Space Bales”. In the film, speed Inordinate (i.e. the Ludicrous) is the largest reachable by spaceships. Indeed, the second greater. There first in fact, it is precisely the Plaid speed.

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Musk had anticipated the arrival of one even more extreme mode of Ludicrous, but he had foreseen his arrival alone on the new one Roadster.

Apparently, the American company has changed my mind, as reported by Musk himself: the Plaid mode will come on all Tesla, new and old, except of the Model 3 and Y (the crossover based on Model 3).

All this preamble is to explain that, if the Ludicrous Mode is capable of bringing the electric motors of the Model S to 760 hpPlaid Mode is supposed to bring the power well over 800!

At this point, counting also the weight reductionit is easy to think that, if driven well, the Tesla Model S “Plaid” may beat many records.

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To begin with, Tesla attacked the track of Laguna Seca, destroying almost two seconds the record of the CTS-V, stopping the chronometer a 1: 36.555!

In addition to speed, what impresses is the stability and the ease with which the pilot seems to complete the lap.
The Cadillac needed to continue corrections, of a very great effort on brakes and many controlled skids to get to the perfect lap.
The Model S, on the other hand, manages to beat its time with incredible nonchalance. Sure, the G-force and speeds involved are certainly sky-high, but the rider’s job certainly is less demanding than on the CTS-V!

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First Laguna Seca, then… Nürburgring?

This first track record can only make us think about challenge launched by Elon Musk to Porsche.

In a tweet the South African, in fact, i did Well done to Porsche for the time at Nürburgring, announcing shortly thereafter that this week a Tesla Model S would have attempted Of beat the record of the new one Porsche Taycan Turbo S on the 23 km of the German track.

But Taycan does seem like a good car. Nürburgring track time is great.

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 7, 2019

Model S on Nürburgring next week

– Elon Musk (@elonmusk) September 5, 2019

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In the compliments to Porsche, moreover, there is a small one dig.

Musk, in fact, “Blasta” Porsche for choosing the name Turbo for more versions performance of its new electric sedan.
“Um Porsche, the word Turbo it doesn’t mean what think“: This is the tweet from Tesla’s CEO.
CEO who should remember that though “Supercharger” in English it does not just mean his own superfast columnsbut it also means “Volumetric compressor”just happen a “rival” of the turbo!

Aside from the jokes about force-feeding gasoline cars, it seems Tesla wants it get serious.
It is not enough leadership in sales among electric cars, Tesla now wants to start be scary also in track.

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AND you? What about it think? You impresses the tour of the Model S to Laguna Seca? You are curious to see if Tesla can beat there Porsche Taycan?