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Tesla Model S in autopilot mode collides with a police SUV

Tesla Model S in autopilot mode collides with a police SUV

A few hours ago an accident in Laguna Beach, fortunately not very serious, involved one Tesla Model S, model of the homonymous car manufacturer equipped with autopilot mode.

How the accident happened

Currently the dynamics of the accident have not been fully clarified but, according to what is reported by local newspapers, the Tesla Model S would have crashed into a SUV police station parked. What is surprising is the autopilot mode on the car which, during the collision, was active.

Is it the fault of Tesla technologies or the lack of education for their use?

Similar events lead many to question whether it is not necessary to provide more intense education to drivers regarding the use of new automotive technologies.

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In the past Tesla he had already had to answer similar questions and, also on this occasion, he wanted to repeat a previously stated concept. According to what the company has declared, in fact, its semi-autonomous driving technology would have all the features to avoid accidents and, before using it, pilots should simply read the warnings.

Being a non-fully automatic mode, for example, it is necessary to keep your hands on the steering wheel even when this function is active, otherwise you risk losing the privileges of the autopilot.

The drivers, in this regard, however, would have advanced several instances, claiming that they were often distracted and have taken their hands off the steering wheel. Simple warnings reported in a booklet, therefore, would not be sufficient to guarantee the correct use of these technologies which, from being useful, thus risk turning into potential dangers.

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A possible solution

Although legally it is not yet possible to establish a real “guilt”, the only solution would seem to be to combine a good education by Tesla with greater responsibility and understanding of risks on the part of pilots.

Do you believe that similar accidents are due to the carelessness of drivers or to car technologies? Are you afraid that such events may be able to stop the development of the latter?