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Tesla Model 3: we tried the on-board technology (even the crazy features!)

Tesla Model 3: we tried the on-board technology (even the crazy features!)

Tesla Model 3 it is certainly one of the models that has most aroused curiosity and interest from the public and critics in recent years. Disappeared from the spotlight for some time, now this car is a reality and we have decided to analyze and let you know all the technology on board this model.

Tesla Model 3: interior and technology

Tesla Model 3 comes from a concept different from that of traditional cars. Elon Musk, CEO and product architect of Tesla, was not born as a car manufacturer, but as a lover of 360 ° innovation (not surprisingly he is one of the founders of the PayPal payments giant). This allowed him to approach the automotive world in an absolutely new way: Tesla in fact starts from technology and then gives life to the rest of the car, a methodology opposite to that applied by all the other manufacturers. All of this translates into one car – the Tesla Model 3 – which revolves around a central hub, located in the center of the dashboard, and which uses a flood of cameras.

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There in fact, the dashboard is completely bare of buttonsthere is nothing: no buttons, no *****, ring nuts, no directional switches for the air vents.

There are also other precautions such as the key that resembles a credit card and which allows you to start the car via an NFC sensor positioned on the left pillar of the door, but also the two pins – lightning and USB-C – for recharging the smartphone and the possibility of integrating wireless charging.

Less tech, but still impactful, the panoramic glass which runs along the entire upper surface of the Model 3. A choice that not only makes the passenger compartment brighter but that one day, with the implementation of new systems related to autonomous driving, could help you enjoy the landscape while the car takes you to your destination.

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One display for everything

But let’s go back to the beating heart of this car: the 15-inch display. Tesla has decided to eliminate virtually any button in favor of a central hub that allows you to manage any aspect of the car.

The interface is extremely intuitive: find any command in seconds and you don’t have to be an expert in the field to be able to adjust all according to your preferences. But all what? From here you can adjust the lights, turn the headlights on or off, start the automatic high beams, control the heating, define the position of the steering wheel and even open the glovebox. There is also no shortage options related to actual driving: the hub allows you to define the type of acceleration (Standard or Soft), to decide the steering behavior (Comfort, Standard or Sport) and to choose between standard and regenerative braking.

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The Autopilot on the Tesla Model 3

Like any self-respecting Tesla, the Model 3 also integratesAutopilot, standard on all cars of the brand. But don’t be fooled by the name: in this case, more than a real autopilot, it is a level 2 autonomous driving (very similar to what we find on premium cars such as Mercedes-Benz or BMW). You can buy a Pro version of the Autopilot for around € 6700 to obtain more complex functions such as automatic overtaking or the possibility of taking the motorway junction following the directions of the navigator.

Of course if you prefer to be in charge there is no problem: in fact, the Autopilot must be activated using the shift lever, which allows you to use it as you please.

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Autopilot certainly represents excellent driving assistance but remember to always keep your hands on the wheel because the car does not drive alone.

Entertainment: Spotify, Netflix, Youtube and farts …

Using the central display it is possible to access the wide selection of applications designed forpassenger entertainment. Found radio, Spotify and even Karaoke which will display the text of the selected songs on the screen. At your disposal you also have the equalizer to better calibrate the Tesla Model 3 audio system.

To pass the time instead, while you are waiting for someone or waiting for the car to recharge, they are there Netflix, YouTube and a series of games, including some titles that will allow you to use the steering wheel and car brake.

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A clarification on the pure entertainment features: they cannot be selected while driving but only and only when the car is stationary.

In the “entertainment” section we cannot fail to mention a crazy feature worthy of the nicest pranksters: Tesla Model 3 in fact it can be set in “**** mode“, A nice feature to play hilarious jokes on your friends. Once activated you can choose to do peting the machine on command or simply by activating the direction indicator. A goliardic detail that will entertain your friends.

Safety on board

Regarding safety, the display is able to provide you with all the information you need. Not only will you be able to use the rear wide angle camera, but the car will be able to show you, during maneuvers and parking, the distance in centimeters from any obstacles, so you will know precisely how much space you have available.

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On the march instead you can count a set of sensors that show you what is happening around you with great precision. Basically it is nothing that other cars with autonomous driving level 2 do not already do: the plus offered by Tesla Model 3 it’s the chance to see for yourself how this all works. You can then have a three-dimensional reconstruction of the road, with cars, pedestrians, crossings and so on. But don’t think that all this is just a mere exercise in style: in reality it will come back to you useful in conditions of poor visibility.

The Tesla Supercharger

Finally, it is impossible not to mention the excellent navigator, who plans trips based on the available charge (the model we tested was the Long Range capable of covering a total of 560 km declared by the manufacturer, actually around 500 based on your driving style.)

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The car also includes a section dedicated to consumption which not only helps you understand how much autonomy you have left, but allows you to set the charge limit or to control how much you can spend on the use of Tesla Supercharger, the super fast Tesla charging stations from 120Kw which allow you to charge the entire battery in about 30 minutes (keep in mind that the Enel X fast charging columns with Combo 2 charging connection reach up to 50Kw.)

Don’t know where to find these Superchargers? The aforementioned navigator takes care of it! The latter will not only show you where the stations are but also how many columns are available.

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Tesla Model 3: all very nice but …

Let’s sum it up a bit. Tesla Model 3 is a true concentrate of technology, it is based on a totally new approach compared to that seen in the last century and will surprise you right away. However, there is something that is not entirely convincing. Personally I think that a few more buttons, perhaps on the steering wheel, would have done her good. Doing everything from the display is “cool” but it’s not always comfortable while driving.

I know, you may be wondering what it is like to be behind the wheel of an electric car of this kind, but for that you will have to wait for our test drive.