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Tesla Model 3: super discounts for Tesla’s modern electric

Tesla Model 3: super discounts for Tesla’s modern electric

Tesla and in particular Elon Musk they always love to be talked about. Whether it’s a sensational announcement or simply the launch of a new space rocket, the inventor and scientist of South African origin is always on everyone’s lips. Today, after a long wait, an interesting news regarding Tesla Model 3.

Sales time

After many months, Tesla has officially announced a reduction in the price of its Model 3. With “suns” $ 35,000 you can take this luxurious and fascinating electric car home with you. Tesla, after having focused for a long time on these figures for the model in question, has finally committed to making the car a little more accessible. The news came directly to one of the retailers by mail.

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With his 350 km of autonomy and a maximum speed of over 200 Km / h, the Tesla Model 3 is beginning to establish itself on the market, certainly putting other electric car manufacturers in difficulty. No leather or heated seats for this figure, retailers are keen to point out; for a higher level set-up the prices go up and not a little.

Tesla launching $ 24,450 * Model 3 !!! https://t.co/11Tu9vhyi5

* You are still gonna have to pay $ 35,000 pic.twitter.com/Kk0hg27Wvx

– Seth Weintraub (@llsethj) February 28, 2019

A market to be discovered

With the package Partial Premium Interior you can get some more finishing for the modest sum of $ 2,500. With the option instead Standard Range Plus you can extend the autonomy of the battery pack up to over 385 km and increase the top speed to 225 km / h. In short, a lot of potential yet to be discovered and a market only in its infancy. Tesla CEO Elon Musk also recently promised more news such as the introduction of a new model – much talk soon Model Y, Tesla’s electric SUV, could become a reality. March 15 would be the long-awaited date announced by the CEO last year.

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