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Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling car in September, it is the first electric No. 1

Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling car in September, it is the first electric No. 1

The month of September 2021 promises to be one of those to remember in the automotive world. Today Jato Dynamics, a sales data analytics company, announced that Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling car of the month in Europe. The Californian electric got it almost 25,000 specimens in just one month, outclassing all other thermal cars. It is the first time that a non-European manufacturer takes first place, but above all It is the first time in the history of the car in Europe that an electric car is the best-selling ever. But let’s try to understand the data well, and find out what’s behind this epochal news.

In September in Europe Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling car: beaten the competition of Clio, Sandero and Golf

We told you about the car market in Europe in a series of articles in mid-July, from general to electric, hybrid or plug-in cars. If you remember, in the past few months we had already noticed a big one strength of Tesla Model 3, which continued to grow in the monthly rankings in the Old Continent. Given the amount of data, processed and published at different times by the individual European states, we had to wait until 25 October for the official data for September, which left me and many others speechless. Thanks to the precious work of Felipe Munoz, Global Automotive Analysist & PR at Jato Dynamicson which we rely for European sales figures, we could find out as the month of September 2021 will be one to remember forever in Europe.

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During the past month, in fact, 24,591 Tesla Model 3s were sold, a result that earned them an unexpected and surprising first place. But it is not only Tesla Model 3 that surprises in Europe: the most famous best-seller, Volkswagen Golfhas in fact collapsed (so to speak) to fourth place with 17,507 registrations, almost 7,000 less than the American electric. The podium is in fact completed by two cousins. To the second place with 18.264 sold specimens we find Renault Clio. To the third instead with just under 18,000 copies (17,988 to be precise) we find Dacia Sanderothe best-selling of August 2021. The fifth place of the FIAT 500counted in both electric and thermal versions.

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The result is historic and momentous for several reasons. Meanwhile, it amazes how such a young manufacturer, apart from the great names of the world automobile, has been able to achieve such a great result. Plus, it’s surprising that it wasn’t a fashionable SUV or crossover that got it, but one very traditional sedan (and this makes us think given the arrival of Model Y, the Model 3-based Crossover …). But, above all, this month marks two incredible firsts.

First of all, Tesla is the first non-European manufacturer to win the title of best-selling car in a single month. American or Japanese houses did not succeed, but Elon Musk’s company gets the big result. But above all, and this is the great news, Tesla Model 3 is the first fully electric car to excel in Europe. A historic event, which marks the first real overtaking of an electric car compared to traditional thermal cars.

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The reasons for this exploit: Tesla quarterly deliveries, and very strong Nordic market

But how did the Tesla Model 3 become Europe’s best-selling car in September? If we stopped at the news, in fact, everything would be simple. Going to look deeper, however, we notice that in August Tesla Model 3 was not even in the absolute Top10, while among the electric it had to be satisfied with second place behind the Volkswagen ID.3. In July, again, sales had been even lower, with Model 3 out of both the absolute Top 10 and the “electric” one.

How then to explain these numbers and this incredible exploit? The first thing not to forget is that Tesla has a particular system of sales and registrations in Europe. For some time now, the Fremont company has concentrated all its registrations and sales at the end of each quarter. If we look at the data for each month, in fact, Tesla alternates between two months of sales gap and one strong month. To give you a practical example, if in March 2021 Tesla Model 3 in Europe was in fourth position overall, in April and May it was not in the Top 10. Indeed, in April it was not even seen in the Top 10 among the electric.

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Why this choice? Tesla is always very shy and conservative with their data and their choices, so there seems to be no single answer. From the outside, however, they appear to be there are two main reasons of this particular strategy. The first could be related to production: all Teslas are currently manufactured in Fremont, California, and therefore require one shipping by sea to be sold on European soil. The second, carried out by various commentators, is to be found in a desire for concentrate the sales of three months in one, thus maximizing the numbers. Although most likely the real motivation is that of transport by sea, this strange tactic led Tesla to be number 1 in September.

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Furthermore, driving the Tesla phenomenon are the Nordic countries, where the Californian house has a huge presence. In markets like Sweden, the Netherlands, Denmark and most of all Norwayin fact, electric cars are extremely popular. In August, for example, in Norway the market share of pure electric was close to 72%: almost 3 out of 4 new cars are zero-emission. Thanks to these favorable markets, and its popularity throughout most of Europe, Tesla is now starting to be considered one of the great powers of the electricity market.

Tesla immune to the chip crisis?

But these are not the only reasons behind the exploit of Tesla Model 3 in Europe. Another of the great pluses of this model is the apparently not being prone to the chip crisis which is affecting almost the whole world, cars and beyond. In fact, according to its CEO Elon Musk, Tesla has never been penalized that much by the scarcity of chips and semiconductors. Choosing as always a low profile, telling as little information as possible, Musk did not explain the reasons for this apparent immunity. According to several US observers, in fact, behind this firepower there is a farsighted choice, taken years ago, of Tesla that seems produces most of its chips in-house.

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This decision makes it almost totally independent from the restrictions of third-party companiesand therefore allows you to always have new cars ready for sale. And this is precisely another reason for this exploit. With rivals hit by delays that can last even a year, Tesla is ready and steady in production. So even those who did not start with the idea of ​​choosing a Model 3, are convinced (also) by its quick availability. In addition, we cannot fail to mention theincredible infrastructure network set up by Tesla all over Europe. Thanks to SuperchargerTesla convinces even the most skeptical to give it a chance, thanks to the widespread and very fast network of exclusive and proprietary chargers.

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A fundamental factor in Tesla’s success should not be forgotten: his extreme popularity, widespread at all levels of the European population. I challenge anyone reading this not to have at least one Tesla-loving friend. Thanks to his nonconformist and hyper-technological approach, to the extraordinary speed performances and to a winning communication both of the House and of its founder, Elon Musk, now Tesla is a cool brand, a social status symbol. Among the very young Tesla is one of the best known and loved brands, and many dream of a Model 3 or Model S in the future. If you then think of the popularity of the House at all levels without any kind of advertising, the value of the brand is undoubted. Tesla is often referred to as the Apple of the automotive worldand for the following and the popularity that the House of Fremont has it is not a risky comparison.

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What is the future of Tesla Model 3 sales in Europe?

Now the last 3 months of the year are going to be very interesting. If Tesla Model 3 now has the scepter of Europe’s best-selling electric car in its hands, with ben 100,000 units already sold between January and September, all to see is its positioning in the overall ranking. Renault Captur, tenth in the standings, totaled 124,000 units sold. A good number to overcome for Model 3, which in absolute numbers is a bit penalized by its particular quarterly sales strategy. In addition, it will now have fierce internal competition, with the new and highly anticipated Tesla Model Y which is ready to convince those of the Model 3 who could not stand only the sedan bodywork.

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Of course, the competition is not just watching. The new KIA EV6, Hyundai Ioniq5, Cupra Born and the aggressive Volkswagen ID.3 and Renault Zoe want to fight back. But Tesla, thanks to its popularity, its special car aura and the unique infrastructure it has built across Europe, looks like a tough rival to defeat. Certainly, however, the month of September 2021 is epochalwith Tesla Model 3 becoming Europe’s best-selling car, albeit for just one month. Tesla Model 3 is destined to be the first electric in Europe, but will it be able to enter the Top 10? And do you think this trend will grow in the coming years? How long will it take to see an electric car first in a full year of sales? Let us know below in the comments: it’s your time.

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