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Tesla Model 3: accident causes two small explosions in Moscow

Tesla Model 3: accident causes two small explosions in Moscow

As said in my last article on Tesla, the brand of Elon Musk it is without a doubt the most talked about of the automotive landscape.
We are left with the lawsuit filed by some disgruntled Model S and X users, and with the aftermath of a Model S fire in Hong Kong.
Today we go back to talking about batteries and fires, but this time on the little one of the house, the Tesla Model 3.

In fact, the news that a Tesla Model 3 has hit a tow truck stopped to rescue another car on the ring road of flyin Russia.
The car, a few minutes after the accident, (which caused no casualties) caught fire.
They also occurred during the fire two small but worrying explosions which have affected the “small” electric.

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Tesla Model 3, an astonishing success

We left the first half of the year behind with the frightening numbers of the Model 3.
Almost 500 000 cars sold since its launch in 2017.
IS the best-selling electric car in Europewith 37 500 units in the first half.
The newspapers in the sector adore it, Tesla enthusiasts are in love with it, and it is gradually starting to clear the electric car as “daily”without too many sacrifices.

All without the “access” version from $ 30,000 that Elon Musk has promised and that, barring unforeseen circumstances, will arrive next year all over the world.
It is inevitable that, with all the success it is experiencing, unforeseen events can happen, and, given the nature of the brand, you talk a lot about it. But let’s see the story in detail.

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Human error or Autopilot’s fault?

The dynamics are clear.
There Tesla Model 3with driving Alexei Tretyakova financial markets expert and president of the Arikapital investment company, was traveling on the ring road a 100 km / h (the speed limit), when he did not see the tow truck stopped on the roadway e hit him.
Tretyakov got out of the car with one broken legwhile the children, who were traveling in the back seat, only suffered a few scratches.

What is not clear is how it can not having seen it.
Although the accident happened around 9pm, the road was well lit.
It is possible that there was at the base a distraction by Tretyakov, perhaps distracted by the central screen or with only adaptive cruise control on.
However, the possibility that it was a Autopilot error it is not to be excluded.
When asked by local TV REN TV if he was using Autopilot, Tretyatov replied that he was using a driving assistance systembut he had hands on the wheeland therefore the steering control.

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The consequences: fire and then two explosions

The accident then caused a fire, decidedly different from the one that happened in Hong Kong in May to a Model S.

In this case, in fact, it seems that the Tesla Model 3, after the accident, suffered a damage to the battery pack placed under the floor.
This is formed by a large number of lithium ion batteries. Lithium, in fact, has the “bad habit” of catch fire instantly when in contact with oxygen.
In fact, even mobile phones, once the battery is cracked, become real incendiary torches.


So far, however, nothing new.
What is unprecedented is video been shown by the TV Россия 24 (Russia 24).
The Russian broadcaster, in fact, has re-released a video of an Instagram user, where you can see the Model 3 engulfed in flames after the accident.
After a few seconds you can see and hear clearly two small explosions coming from the now unrecognizable car.
The car continued to burn and emit a thick black smoke for a few minutes, when the fire was then put out, leaving only the skeleton of the Model 3 frame.

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Waiting for Tesla’s response

The American company, for its part, has not yet released an official response to this incident, also due to the time difference compared to Russia which has not yet allowed official investigations of the House.

Certainly, as we have also seen on other occasions, Tesla will be able to understand if the car he was traveling with Autopilot on or offand will investigate to find out the causes of the two explosions that have affected the Model 3.
Of course, we will still hear about what happened in Moscow.