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Tesla is one step away from full autonomous driving

Tesla is one step away from full autonomous driving

Elon MuskTesla’s CEO, admitted that the company is very close to achieving a huge milestone: level 5 autonomous driving. The cars will therefore be completely autonomous in driving, thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.

Tesla: Level 5 autonomous driving is near

In an opening video message to the annual World Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Elon Musk said “I am extremely confident that level 5 or full autonomous driving will happen and I think it will happen shortly.” The CEO then continued “I think by the end of the year we will have the basic functionalities for level 5 autonomous driving.

This goal seems to be desired by many other companies that are investing billions in the sector: Amazon recently bought Zoox, a self-driving car startup. Not to mention Waymo, a spin-off of Google, which leads the race to level 5. The company’s self-driving minivans are already delivering groceries to Texas. Furthermore, the health situation we are experiencing has highlighted the importance of robotic drivers. Without a driver behind the wheel, the risk of spread and contagion is significantly reduced.

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Other experts, however, think that it may be too early for this big step forward and that Musk should wait before letting his customers take their hands off the wheel completely. Indeed, they believe that time is still needed to improve technology and minimize the risks of autonomous driving. Tesla, however, is working on a lot of hardware improvements to fully support autonomous driving and keep its customers safe. It is also working on batteries with a life cycle of one million miles.

All that remains is to wait patiently for further developments in the sector. What is certain is that the future will increasingly focus on autonomous driving, and on automating our lives in general.