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Tesla: Elon Musk tweets about the possible arrival of a “Dog Mode”

Tesla: Elon Musk tweets about the possible arrival of a “Dog Mode”

The visionary Elon Musk took advantage of the social Twitter to announce the possible arrival of a real one “Dog Mode”, designed to keep animals safe in cars Tesla when the owner is absent.

The announcement of the new mode

To announce the possible arrival of the new mode Musk he did not engage in big speeches: in fact he limited himself to answering a question asked by a user, who asked if he intended to create a “Dog Mode” to keep man’s best friends safe, even when bosses aren’t around.

Faced with the question, the creator of Tesla he replied with a simple “Yes”, avoiding further additions or explanations.

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The Dog option for Tesla models

At the base of the innovative Dog mode there would be a particular feature of Musk cars. The latter are in fact equipped with sensors capable of detecting the car’s internal temperature, and then communicating it to those present.

A similar detail allows each owner to Tesla to always have at hand information about the interior of the car and, in the event that he is forced to leave his four-legged friend inside, also about his state of health based on the temperature.

The risk for animals left in the car is often that of remaining in the sun and, thus, suffering from the heat. These mechanisms could represent a real help for every pet owner, who can use them to avoid similar situations!

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What makes the company’s cars ideal for taking advantage of a similar mode is also their electric nature, which allows them to idle and always stay cool.

Currently Elon Musk has only tweeted the possible arrival of a similar mode, without making any official announcement, so it is always better to take the news with a grain of salt, waiting for new details.