Tesla designs a 007 car: it can go underwater

We are not new to the shocking and out of this world news of Elon Musk. After the electric revolution begins to point towards new horizons and Tesla Model Y and the Class 8 are entering the production phase, rumors speak of a submersible car being developed.

His name is Musk, Elon Musk

Probably only rumors capable of making a big noise, the news worries”the underwater car» By Elon Musk is starting to circulate on the web. Obviously, this is a completely electric invention and the only security is represented by the annual meeting of shareholders at Mountain View.

A small mention from Musk regarding this futuristic vehicle was enough to revive investors; this car will be capable of traveling by both road and water thanks to dedicated mechanisms capable of providing the necessary functionalities to the underwater guide.

Elon Musk states that building such a vehicle would only be a distraction; however the potential opportunities and ideas of such a project could open new, much less futuristic, horizons for current developing models.

“I think the market for such a product is really small but exciting,” he says. Elon Musk. Inspired by the Lotus Esprit that appeared in the James Bond film « The Spy Who Loved Me, » Tesla CEO reveals he owns the car used in the film.

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