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Tesla denounces a former employee: he allegedly stole software code

Tesla denounces a former employee: he allegedly stole software code

Tesla denounced one of his former employees, the software engineer Alex Khatilov. According to the company, he would have subtracted the Warp Drive system code and files, while working in the company as part of the quality control team. Tesla reports that Khatilov was hired only to December and after a few days it would start sending thousands of confidential files to the your Dropbox folder.

Theft of Tesla’s Warp Drive software

The Warp Drive system is not a new feature of Tesla-made electric cars. But for the company it is perhaps even more important: in fact it is the software that automates many of the manufacturing and sales processes of the car. The company says the stolen material could reveal to competitors “which systems Tesla believes are important to automate and how to do it, providing a roadmap for copying Tesla’s innovations.” According to the complaint, the stolen software cost Tesla “200 years of human work“, If it had been made by a single employee.

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Khatilov’s answer

When the January 6 Tesla’s internal investigators asked the software engineer for an explanation, he said simply forgetting about it. In an interview with the New York Post, Alex Khatilov explained that he thinks it’s just a misunderstanding. The engineer claims to have downloaded the material to his computer for work reasons, putting them on your personal Dropbox by mistake. “I didn’t even know there were 26,000 files there,” he told the Post. The engineer didn’t even know about Tesla’s complaint before the American newspaper warned him.

It is up to the American judicial system to decide but it doesn’t seem like a solid enough excuse hold in court. Tesla vigorously protects its software and the secrets of its industrial production: it knows it has a technological advantage over rivals and has no intention of losing it. Speaking of Tesla and technology, have you read our article on the secret services and functions of Tesla cars?