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Tesla could go back to accepting Bitcoins (which increase in value)

Tesla could go back to accepting Bitcoins (which increase in value)

The Bitcoin returns to exceed $ 30,000: Elon Musk said Tesla “could most likely” go back to accepting payments with cryptocurrency. The announcement comes during the B Word digital coin conference.

Tesla could go back to accepting Bitcoins

In May, Tesla stopped accepting payments in Bitcoin, a cryptocurrency it had adopted for electric car purchases. At the time Elon Musk had mentioned doubts about the consumption of greenhouse gases for the mining operationwhich creates the cryptocurrency tokens.

Today, however, Musk says that “most likely the answer is that Tesla will resume accepting Bitcoin”. The billionaire said he was satisfied with the changes regarding the use of renewables in these two months. “I wanted a little more insight into confirming that the percentage of renewable energy use is most likely 50% or higher. And that there is a trend for this number to increase. And if so, Tesla will resume accepting Bitcoin “.

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Although most of the measures to make cryptocurrencies greener are still in the larval stage, the exit from the mining market of many Chinese users after the government restrictions it seems to have reduced the impact. Even if the energy consumption to mine Bitcoins remains very high and there are no independent studies currently supporting this increase in the use of percentages. But we do not doubt that Musk will also have access to some publications still in draft.

Musk also responded to whoever accuses him of raise the price of Bitcoin on the exchange and then download it (in English, “pump and dump). “They can also pump up the price but then they don’t drain. I don’t believe in raising the price and then selling. I would like to see Bitcoin succeed ”.

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After his comments, the “pump” was there for sure: Bitcoin rises by 6% to almost $ 32,000. Ethereum also rises by over 10%. As always, Musk’s words impact the cryptocurrency market more than any environmental impact study.