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  • Tesla Arcade: what does it offer?
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You're here Just announced Tesla Arcade, video game platform which will be available across its entire range. Presented for the first time in San Francisco, Tesla Arcade allows you to use the car, with steering wheel and infotainment screen, like a real game console.

The Verge colleagues had the opportunity to get their hands on this new function and the first game offered: Beach Buggy Racing 2. Game that they were able to try using, in fact, the steering wheel as controller and display game screenaboard a Model 3.

Tesla Arcade: what does it offer?

Tesla has always treated its electric vehicles as if they were computers, or objects at least technology. Over the years, in fact, many functions have been developed in this direction. Autonomous driving, OTA updates, with little easter eggs, are commonplace on a Tesla. Tesla Arcade is therefore the latest variation of this path.

Thanks to an update, Tesla users will receive the video game Beach Buggy Race 2, as well as other Atari classics. Additionally, Tesla is also promoting Cuphead support, made by Studio MDHR. To access the games, simply press one icon shaped arrow in the main menu. Icon that gives access to the games section.

As mentioned earlier, the game controller is the steering wheel itself, coupled with the brake pedal. No, the accelerator cannot be used, it will be disabled. Pedal and steering wheel, therefore, which allow you to control the vehicle in the game, quite realistically. Tesla worked with Vector unitjust to enable operation likely.

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Beach Buggy Race 2

There will be two game modes available, single player and multiplayer for 2 players.

In the case of the single, you can use the steering wheel with the touch controls, or one of the two individually. The two-player mode, for its part, will take up the classics with split screen.

The wheel as a controller is very responsive thanks in particular to the software which makes it light, making it look like a gamepad. However, you can adjust the sensitivity and stiffness of the wheel. Using the steering wheel therefore represents a little something extra and is preferable to touch controls, according to the journalist from The Verge.

The opportunity to play with a Tesla was anticipated directly by Elon Musk during E3. During the conference, the CEO and founder of Tesla spoke about being able to play Fallout shelter on his cars.

It will be possible to try Tesla Arcade in all dealerships from June 30, even if a release date has not yet been made official.

The idea of ​​being able to use the car as a game console is certainly interesting and very popular. Musk way. Of course, it remains to be seen how much someone will want to use the car as a console and why. But Tesla Arcade is definitely another way to show the power and the technology behind electric vehicles par excellence.

Here is the test video.

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