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  5. Tesla acquires DeepScale: level 5 autonomous driving ever closer

Tesla acquires DeepScale: level 5 autonomous driving ever closer

Tesla acquires DeepScale: level 5 autonomous driving ever closer

Tesla is a great company, innovative and forward-looking; however, when in the industrial sector someone “comes before you” all that remains is to adapt or, in the case ofTesla’s large budget, acquire knowledge of it. We are talking about Tesla’s recent purchase of the startup DeepScale.

Complete autonomous driving ever closer

DeepScale is a company operating in Silicon Valley deserving of earning over $ 18 million in investments from companies such as Autotech VC, Bessemer, Greylock And Trucks VC. What will investors have been attracted to? The answer lies in the technology developed by DeepScale.

Thanks to the ingenious low-voltage processors, the “skills” of self-driving cars have been significantly improved. Elon Musk, a farsighted man like Tesla, sees this turning point in the future of self-driving taxis.

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Currently, Tesla-developed vehicles are nowhere near considered autonomous, not even by level 4 (SAE standard) standards. This results in a constant intervention by the driver in particular in the most difficult situations to manage. Said thus, it seems that all the cards in play are against Tesla’s autonomous driving but we remind you that the technology offered by the house of Elon Musk it is still the best on the market.

Artificial intelligence

One of the peculiarities of the technology developed by DeepScale lies in the use of very efficient neural networks, one of the possible bases for running an artificial intelligence system, applied to self-driving cars. All while increasing the functionality and safety of the various elements without exaggerating the overall cost. A “simple” solution able to classify data in real time and meet the various needs of self-driving vehicles; a possibility that Tesla did not let slip.

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I joined the @Tesla #Autopilot team this week. I am looking forward to working with some of the brightest minds in #deeplearning and #autonomousdriving.

– Forrest Iandola (@fiandola) October 1, 2019

To refine this investment we then find all the sensors present in these vehicles, expanded and adapted to the low consumption proposed by the new processors. The same DeepScale founder, Forrest Iandolaproclaims himself enthusiastic to participate in Tesla’s great views.