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Telltale Games Batman for free on PlayStore Store

Telltale Games Batman for free on PlayStore Store

Today Batman is free. No, not the superhero. Unfortunately, we still don’t have a real batman watching over the city streets. Instead we are talking about a video game. Or rather, the first episode of Batman – The Telltale Series, available today for free on PlayStation Store.

The free Batman game for PlayStation 4 owners

As anticipated, the initial episode of Batman – The Telltale Series it’s free on the PlayStation Store and is dedicated to the owners of PlayStation 4.

Redeeming the game is super easy. You can do it both from PC and via console.
In the first case, just go to the official page of the game, log in with your credentials and then press the Add to collection button.
In the second, however, you will have to open the PlayStation Store, search for the game and finally always add it to your game library.

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And the other episodes? Those still remained paid. You can buy them by spending € 6.49 per chapter or by buying the Season Pass for € 14.99.

What is Batman: The Telltale Series?

Have you never heard of the game? This is ugraphic adventure divided into 5 episodes and based on the famous superhero DC Comics. Developed by Telltale Games and released between August and December 2016, the series allows us to take on the role of Bruce Wayne and to hunt down Children of Arkhama group of terrorists who are joined by the supervillain Penguin.