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Tech-addicted Vatican: a priest opens a server for Minecraft


Tech-addicted Vatican: a priest opens a server for Minecraft

It all started almost as a joke, the Jesuit priest Robert Ballecer he had asked his folks 23 thousand followers on Twitter (which, however, does everything but laugh as a follower figure) for which game he should have prepared server in the Vatican. And so it was decided: the Church is coming up Minecraft.

Vatican and Videogame

In reality, we shouldn’t be too surprised by the approaching Vatican news to technology and video games. Already with the app Follow JC Gothe augmented reality game in perfect style Pokémon Gothey had tried to follow the wave of a famous game to gain the sympathy of the public, Christian or otherwise.

Now Father Robert Ballecer proposed a new initiative, spurred on by his virtual audience and his knowledge of the technology field. In fact, we discover that the Jesuit priest, before being ordained, was one technology student in Silicon Valley. He has since used his knowledge to help other Church leaders who were unfamiliar with IT and technology trendsto get in touch with the (virtual) world.

After asking to followers which server they would prefer between Rust, Ark, Team Fortress 2 or Minecraft, the latter got the 64% of the total votes.

Ballecer confirmed that he sees great potential in creating a Minecraft server for the Vatican – he hopes that such a connection will prove to people that the their faith can coexist with technology.

Exchange a Peace Sign (in Minecraft)

“It’s not about technology, it’s not about games either,” Father Ballecer told Rome Reports in a video interview. It’s about bringing people together who can then move those relationships into the real world“.

“At first there were a lot of people hesitant to see this white-collar priest talking about the latest Google offers and how fiber optics works,” Ballecer explains. “They didn’t understand. But over time, they began to realize that I was prepared on the subject, that we had a common interest, and that I wanted to expose my knowledge about the technology as any other expert in the field would. ‘Okay, he’s a good one, he’s just a priest.’ In the end it’s all here ”.

At the moment the server it has not yet been officially approved by the Vaticanalthough it is in the testing phase, but you can check all progress by visiting “minecraft.digitaljesuit.com”.