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Talk to Alexa, video call and answer the video intercom on Fire TV

Talk to Alexa, video call and answer the video intercom on Fire TV

Chat with Alexa directly from your device Fire TV. And then you answer the video intercom Ring Doorbell and video call whoever you want with Fire TV Cube. The integration of all Amazon smart home devices goes further, taking the smart home to another level. Even more advanced control of our home, all via a Fire TV device.

Alexa makes Fire TV even smarter

From today you can ask your TV directly how the weather is, without stopping watching the news or your favorite TV series on Netflix. You can also ask how far away Mars is while watching a documentary on space exploration. Or whatever else comes to your mind: the answers appear in overlay both on the video and on the navigation screens. This Alexa novelty arrives on all Fire TV devices, excluding those of the first generation.

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It also becomes possible to pair the Fire TV Cube with one compatible webcam, to make video calls directly from the TV as on Echo Shows or via the Alexa app. A really interesting function, especially to open the gifts in the living room in front of grandparents who are far away, or to chat with a special person who is on the other side of the world on the largest screen you have at home.

Just get one webcam with UVC support, resolution of at least 720p and 30 frames per second. Just say “Alexa, call me X” to be able to start talking on the device Fire TV Cube.

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Alexa also integrates the video intercom on Fire TV Ring Doorbell. When the doorbell rings you receive a notification on the TV, then just ask Alexa to show you the camera of the device. If you want to answer, just say “Alexa, talk to (camera name)”. Receiving packages with Christmas gifts is even better if you find out on your TV.

These integrations make it even easier manage the whole house with Alexawithout even having to get up from the sofa.