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Takeve, the first all-female delivery

Takeve, the first all-female delivery

Takeve is the new all female delivery which has just been inaugurated in Rome, with a fleet currently made up of about 20 female riders who will cover three Roman districts: Meadows, Piazza Bologna and Ponte Milvio.

Takeve, the all-female delivery

The startup was born from Eveline Pereira, a young entrepreneur who, before moving to Rome in 2015, had opened her own restaurant in the Peruvian capital. Takeve is the first all-female delivery, which currently includes about two dozen riders, who will move through the electric bikes in three districts of Rome.

As Pereira states, it’s not just about food delivery – delivering food picked up from restaurants in the area – but Takeve also delivers products that are useful for everyday life “such as cell phone chargers, cosmetics and beauty products”.

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Takeve’s goal is to reduce the gender gap and bring to life an inclusive idea that creates new job opportunities for womenwhich according to the latest research are those most affected at work during the hard months of the pandemic.

The fleet will initially include around 20 female riders, all of them regularly hired, with a salary that varies according to work shifts. Repubblica reports that “for full time the base is around 800 euros”. The service works like other deliveries: it requires the delivery of a meal or a product and the riders will have to complete the delivery within an hour.

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Food and more

Takeve is available through the official website and through smartphone application available in the App Store and Google Play. Inside, as anticipated, you can choose to have beauty products, electronics, personal care or food delivered by the restaurants that adhere to the service. Thanks to the electric bicycles used by the riders it will be possible to take advantage of an ethical and sustainable delivery service.

As reported by Il Corriere, Takeve expects to reach one hundred riders by the end of the year and also to cover the cities of Milan, Turin and Novara by March 2022.