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Take care of your iPhone battery with BatteryDoctorPro (Cydia)


Take care of your iPhone battery with BatteryDoctorPro (Cydia)

Forgetting about screens, thickness, weight and other topics that can generate long debates, what is indisputable is that the great limitation of current smartphones is the battery. The terminals improve with new features, greater power, better connectivity … and the battery? The autonomy of the terminals is practically maintained generation after generation. Without waiting for miracles, BatteryDoctorPro will help you get your battery a little more of itself, and it does it for free, so you don’t lose anything by trying it. You must write in Cydia its full name and without spaces, and click on search, the name begins with Chinese characters, but look at the images that head the article and you will find it easily.

The application has a very careful design, more like an App Store application than Cydia. When installing it, an icon will appear on our springboard, and when we execute it, the main screen will appear, in which we can configure the operation of the application. It offers us three different profiles:

Except for the last mode, the other two are configurable. Select which functions you want to activate and deactivate in each of them, so if you are at home or work with WiFi, deactivate 3G and bluetooth, set the brightness lower and deactivate location services. Or if you are on the street, deactivate the WiFi and activate the bluetooth for the car hands-free, and keep the data and 3G activated, along with the location services. Any combination is valid. In order to change modes you must click on the battery icon on the status bar and click on the profile, will allow you to select the one you want to activate. It also allows us to manually activate functions of our iPhone, such as SBSettings, and close all the applications in the background by clicking on the memory percentage that appears on the right. Just below we will have the multitasking bar that is compatible with Auxo.

It also has widgets for the notification center, with the same functions that we have discussed before. It is compatible with Lockinfo 5 and IntelliscreenX. With this application installed, when we have our device charged, it will indicate the percentage and the time left for a full load on the lock screen.

The application has these functions as the most remarkable, but it does not stop at that. Because you have many other options. If in the main window we click on the upper left corner or slide to the right, the main menu of the application will appear, from which we can access other options such as the recharge menu. It gives us information about the remaining time and also helps us to carry out a complete cycle, recommended from time to time to take care of the battery. The records menu (Records) offers us the history of recharges and complete cycles that we have carried out to know how we are taking care of the battery.

In the system menu (System) we will see the health of our battery, the use of RAM, CPU, temperature and storage. If we slide down we will see data from our device such as the maximum battery capacity, MAC address of our WiFi, IP … The «Rank» menu orders us the applications by battery use that they have made in this cycle, and gives us the option to close them completely and even delete them, very interesting to know which applications are the ones that “drink” our battery. And finally, the settings menu (Settings) from which we can modify some things of the application. We can deactivate the window that appears when pressing the battery icon, edit the buttons to turn on and turn off functions, modify the notification center widget …

Perhaps the most interesting is the “Smart saving settings” menu, in which we can adjust extra functions of the application:

An application full of options that can undoubtedly help to stretch the battery life of our iPhone a little more. As I said, does not work miracles, it only activates and deactivates functions automatically, it depends on how you configure it, you will achieve better results or not.

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