Symantec reveals that a computer is infected every 4.5 seconds

the people of Symantecsecurity specialists and famous for creating the Norton antivirus, presented a new study in which they show their concern about the growth of attacks on the network.

To give us an idea, they revealed that across the world 100 attacks are generated per second and although most of these attacks do nothing to computers, the average is that one is infected every 4.5 seconds.

One of the most common ways to infect users is to fake antivirus systems. On pages containing malware, windows are displayed that pretend to be operating system advertisements telling the user that they are infected and to click on them to fix the problem. Unsuspecting people who don't realize it's nothing more than a lie end up getting really infected.

The most worrying thing is that in 2009, the 51% virusesTrojans and other existing malicious applications that try to steal information from the user or intend to disable their system.

For what? As stated Tony Osborne, one of the company's security experts, is that there are many applications that allow you to create malware and viruses in a very simple way. In just a few clicks, you can already have one with completely different characteristics.

As always, from here the recommendation is not to run anything that does not come from a known recipient and always try to access web pages that we know are known and trusted.

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