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Swarovski feels the call of force: here is the Star Wars line

Swarovski feels the call of force: here is the Star Wars line

In honor of the last episode, conclusive for the saga and the story told so far, Swarovski launches a line of crystal figurines inspired by the most iconic characters of Star Wars.

Swarovski prepares us for the release of Star Wars Episode IX

If as a fan of the saga you thought you were in possession of any gadget or accessory inspired by the beloved universe created by George Lucasthen you will have to change your mind.

Swarovski has in fact decided to “give us” a line of products inspired by the distant galaxy, using as raw material its favorite material: crystal.

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We will find scale reproductions of Darth Vaderof the Stormtroopersof the princess Leilaof the master Yoda and the inevitable droids C-3PO and R2-D2.

Of course, the price is not very affordable, only those who have a large one “force” behind you will be able to afford them: let’s start from € 179 to have the master Yoda in our hands, to finish ai € 399 by Darth Vader.

For the lucky ones who live in Milanthese products can be viewed at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele store and next door the tree Of Christmas offered just by Swarovski itself.

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But it doesn’t end there: for those who really have a lot, but a lot “force” to support it, Swarovski has also prepared some beautiful limited edition helmets, measuring 16.1 x 14.4 x 19.1 cm.

The price, in this case, rises significantly towards the dark side, in fact, we come to speak of figures with four zeros. We are talking about € 6990 for Boba Fett’s helmet, and € 7490 for Darth Vader and StormTrooper.

On Amazon you can find some of the figurines at a slightly lower price. Is there anyone among you ready to dare so much? You will be tempted by the dark side, waiting to see on the big screen The rise of Skywalker?