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SureFire Skirmish: the review of the new gaming headset


SureFire Skirmish: the review of the new gaming headset

The videogame accessories market is constantly evolving and among the companies that offer products that are always characterized by an excellent value for money there is SureFirewhich has recently launched the gaming headphones from the Skirmish series of which we propose ours review. This headset with a gritty camouflage design are designed to offer crystal clear sound with an eye for user comfort.

SureFire Skirmish: our review

We tested the Skirmish headphones in quite varied scenarios, from long cooperative gaming sessions to just listening to music. The headset has proved to be an incredibly versatile device capable of ensuring good performance in almost any situation.

SureFire therefore seems to have designed these headphones specifically for all gamers who take their passion with some seriousness by offering a product that satisfies from the point of view of sound performance and that does not disappoint even from the point of view of style.

The design

Net of a bright camouflage color who can like it or not, the headphones are also equipped with LEDs for side lighting, although, depending on how your gaming station is organized, it may be inconvenient to connect the USB socket needed to power the LEDs.

The Skrimish are therefore a device that is not afraid to appear and are particularly suitable for all those users who appreciate a gritty design and without compromise. It must be said that the camouflage color is particularly ideal for long gameplay sessions in shooter games, perhaps broadcast in live streaming.

In general the Skirmish are very comfortable to wear, but depending on the shape of your head they may fit slightly loose. Obviously the size can be adjusted and they do not bother even if you wear glasses. The support on the ears is also very softwhich adheres to the right point without over-tightening.

The sound

In terms of audio quality, the set does not disappoint, offering a clear and deep sound, which completely envelops the user, also thanks to a 3.5 mm connector and a sound stereo 2.0. The sonic imprint is set up as well balanced, with full bass and incredibly defined highs. Of course, the primary use of the Skirmish is in the gaming field, but even simply listening to music they do not disappoint, offering an average sound performance superior to other devices on the market.

The system of plug & play in theory it would allow you to take the headphones with you wherever you want, but it is evident that the Skirmish have been designed for mainly home use, given their rather long and bulky cable and the integrated microphone.

The microphone

Speaking of the microphone, this is one of the components that most leave to be desired of the headset, although it still stands at good quality levels. This part of the device appears to integrate a background noise reduction system to ensure greater speech understanding, but the obvious consequence of this element is that the voice is moderately muffledwhich might annoy at first.

SureFire Skirmish: the review in brief

The SureFire Skirmish headphones are therefore a great device, ready to accompany you in your gaming sessions offering performance up to expectations. The sound is always clear and, even if it does not reach the levels of excellence of its higher-end competitors, it is one of the best alternatives for value for money.

Too bad for the microphone, which without the integrated noise reduction filter would certainly have been more pleasant to use. Skirmish Headphones are available at a list price of € 36.90for more details on the technical specifications we recommend you visit the official SureFire website.