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SureFire launches three new mice designed to enhance the gaming experience


SureFire launches three new mice designed to enhance the gaming experience

SureFire, Verbatim Europe’s specialist gaming brand, has launched three new mice, thus further expanding its range of peripherals for PC gaming enthusiasts. The three mice named Hawk Claw, Condor Claw And Eagle Claw they all have full RGB lighting, multiple programmable buttons, adjustable DPI, and advanced software to allow users to configure settings based on the game and environment in which they operate.

Surefire: mice arrive for a top gaming experience

Hawk Claw

The SureFire Hawk Claw Seven-button is a right-hand grip mouse with sleek lines accented by multicolored RGB lighting. This is fully adjustable with multiple effects, allowing users to select their preferred modes and save them as presets in the included software.

With adjustable DPI up to 6400, the SureFire Hawk Claw can be set for rapid exploration of large areas or slowed down for maximum accuracy. And with an adjustable polling rate of up to 1000Hz, Hawk Claw can be set to the frequency that best suits your game and computer to ensure perfect performance.

Condor Claw

The multicolored RGB lighting surrounding its base lends an air of sophistication to SureFire Condor Claw, eight button mouse. The lighting is fully adjustable and can be saved in the included software settings. The DPI can be adjusted from 800 to 6400, and the polling rate can also be adjusted up to 1000Hz, to best suit the situation. Like the other mice in the SureFire range, the Condor Claw has a durable and reliable 1.5m braided cable with a USB-A connector that ensures reliable connectivity.

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Eagle Claw

l largest in the range, SureFire Eagle Claw it is also a mouse with a right hand grip and has nine programmable buttons for maximum customization. The SureFire Eagle Claw’s DPI can be set from 600 to 3200 and adjusted on the fly with the dedicated DPI loop button. The advanced software allows users to program buttons and macros, save settings and lighting effects, and configure everything for optimal play.

Hawk Claw (list price 26.90?), Condor Claw (list price 28.90?) And Eagle Claw (list price 29.90?) are now available from authorized specialist dealers throughout Europe.

The three mice are part of the new SureFire gaming product range which also includes SSDs and external hard drives, headphones, mouse pads, speakers, keyboards and other gaming accessories.

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