Super Mario Run continues to break download records

The Super Mario Run phenomenon is completely indisputable. This is the first appearance of the most famous plumber of all time on a mobile device. Its early appearance on iOS made everyone crazy to download the game, however, it seems that what many didn't know was that they would have to go through the box if they wanted to be able to play every level of Super Mario Run, which settled with some poor ratings in the iOS App Store reviews. On the other hand, success cannot be hidden, and it is Super Mario Run was the first game to reach 25 million downloads.

Last December 15 laid the groundwork, Sensor Tower analysts concluded that Super Mario Run had reached 25 million downloads in just four days, a success that took Pokémon Go no less than 11 days, while another hit like Clash Royal had to wait 12 days to reach the same figure. The problem, however, is that most users who have downloaded it do not think about going to the checkout to pay for the full game.

They have nothing to do with the quality of the game, they comment from Reuters, but with the fact that the market is saturated with free games that do not require the user to spend 10 eurosyes The reality is that we end up with a game at a prohibitive price, we are not talking about €1.99 or even €3.99, in-app purchase goes up to €9.99, which may be a barrier they are not willing to surpass.

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As an opinion, the game is fun, at Actualidad iPhone we have tested it to the fullest, but without a doubt it does not seem like a game worth paying more than €3.99, even with the blessing from Nintendo.

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